The Jersey and flag is in the mail

MONTREAL -- Montreal's mayor is showing no mercy for his counterpart in Regina -- who can expect an Alouettes jersey and a Montreal flag in the mail in the coming days.

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Mayor Gerald Tremblay makes no apologies for Sunday's shocking Grey Cup win by Montreal and he's not about to waive conditions on the bet he made with Regina Mayor Pat Fiacco.

The pair agreed that the losing city's mayor would don the winning team's jersey and fly the flag at city hall.

They also agreed that the loser would purchase season tickets for the winning team and donate them to charity.

A Montreal spokesman says the ball is ultimately in Fiacco's court -- but he adds that the Alouettes swag is already en route to Regina.

Saskatchewan lost a historic heartbreaker by a single point after receiving a bizarre penalty for too many players on the field in the final play of Sunday's championship football game.

I heard about this and I think it is hilarious!

It happens all the time between mayors for championship games

Any pictures out there of Regina's mayor wearing the Als' jersey?

If Mayor Fiacco has any integrity (not saying that he does not), he wears the jersey.

I remember vividly in the Tuesday edition of 24 Heures right after GC 2006, there was a picture of Mayor Tremblay wearing BC Lions' jersey at the city hall. I can not find it, though.

I have no doubt that he lived up to his deal

I think this post answers your question: viewtopic.php?f=2&t=52205