The Jason Maas trade?!?!?!

I have heard for months that the uneven trade between Hamilton and Edmonton will get evened out after the Grey Cup with the upcoming trade of Maas to the Ti-Cats. I must admit I am damned curious if this is true or not. If it is not, Hamilton made one bad trade. If it is true, and Edmonton holds true to their word, Hamilton will ultimately win huge in this trade. For Hamilton's sake, I hope this rumor is true.

.....rumour on is that the Calgary Herald reported Maas to Hamilton for McManus, Bakker, and a 2006 pick.....

BUT EVERYONE , Ricky played well, he got two TDs running, and 204 passing yards in 3 quarters… not bad

Personally, I think it's all bull****. If the Esks didn't actually sign pen to paper an agreeement(if it was a verbal agreement), then i don't see it happening. And everyone around the league will be complaining about the esks and their verbal agreements just like last off-season when hervey was supposedly signed to Ottawa. After watching Maas this season, I have decided that I'd rather see Ray leave than Maas.

I hope it is true. It is just not right that both BC and Edmonton had 5000 yard QB's as backups this year.

Agreements do not have to be signed in order to be legal. Contractual law states that even a verbal agreement can constitute a binding agreement.....but whatever.....I won't believe this is all happening until it actually happens either - so far everything is just speculation, and there is no conclusive proof that I have seen to prove it will take place.

.....and Ray played like crap in the second half.....which explains why he was pulled.....

I hope it is true. It is just not right that both BC and Edmonton had 5000 yard QB's as backups this year.

Surely a verbal agreement is good enough for you Alberta boys. I bet you the oil business works on a lot of verbal agreements. Good business people keep their word. Same should hold true here. If the agreement was made, then it should be followed. Otherwise, that would be pretty low.

I think it is a done deal, because Maciocca when asked does not come out and deny it. One would think if there is nothing to it, a head coach would come out and catigorically refute it especially the way Maas has been playing. For the record, I would also keep Maas hands down. Not only because of his better playing ability, the man has so much character and is truly likeable almost like our Pinball

I agree that it would be pretty low, but I have a feeling the Evil Empire would do it just to keep Maas. Everyone around the league would be complaining if this were the case.

An agreement between CFL teams would not be broken, whether it is legally binding or not. I've said repeatedly, and I'll say it again, that these sorts of deals go down all the time in the CFL, and they know that if they screw someone over, they can forget anyone keeping their word on any of the other deals they have in the works.

There isn't a chance in hell that Hugh Campbell would do that. He and Ron Lancaster are buddies. Not a chance that they'd ream the Cats after Hamilton did so much to help them get to the Grey Cup.

If Hamilton gets Mass..I would be worried if Iwas the Argos and Ottawa :slight_smile:

Not happening, if Edm has half a brain, they will keep him.

He had 33 yards passing in the second half. He has to be more consistent than that. And for the third straight game he has got the hook. Maas is playing a lot better than Ray right now.