The Jake Ireland Research Project

you went through ten years of threads to find this? bud....

I don't think it's a case of "He hates us ".
It has to do more with the incompetent Officiating .
I've seen him work many games over the years .
Has a huge Chip on his shoulder for some strange reason.

There's a search function. Took me less than ten seconds...

I miss Borehamgirl, Cattman, and Ockham. :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

I was thinking the same thing. There are a lot of blast from the past old names in this thread

If you go back further in time you get Ralph Dojak.He madeIreland look like a diehard Cat fan.

Yeah occasionally there is a bad call. But I don't think there is any type of bias from the refs. Instead it is more likely human error or incompetence on the part of the refs. All of the officiating teams are prone to errors. Bradbury, Proulx, Murphy, or Foxcroft. Take your pick. All of them have wrongfully convicted the Cats occasionally over the years. But I would wager that in every single one of those games the Cats probably had a series of self-inflicted wounds (coaching errors, turnovers) that did more harm to them than any missed PI call by Proulx.

Does anyone know that Mr. Ireland is from Hamilton? So I don't he trying to compensate for not looking like a homer?

A few of them are actually from this area. Murphy, Foxcroft and I believe Bradbury is from Burlington.

..... wizardry....

You want to know something interesting Jake still refs. He did one of our high school games last week for the team I help Coach. No joke.

I wishI had the time to watch other games throughout the league and watch the challenge calls. Are there any (league wide)calls that are as controversial as the ones that the Ticats seem to lose?

I understand that people can be overly sensitive to things, and people say that we're justwhining all the time,but let's face facts. Has the CFL apologized to any other team's for this man's calls? If so, have they apologized more than once? Admitted to the bad calls more than once?

Thank God he has not refereed in the Waterloo County area. The refs in this area are fairly good and reasonable.

Did you get any questionable DPI calls, for or against? ;D

Nope but there was a questionable holding call on a blocked field goal which our running back ran back 110 yards. I can't say it was Jake who made that holding call however, lol.

The worst part is we lost 17-15 against a local rival and that loss knocked us out of playoff contention, but I digress, lolol.

Yes - all the time. Games are impacted weekly by terrible calls.
As for the apologies, it seems to be a local thing. Not exactly broadcasted by TSN every week. Follow beat reporters for that type of info from other teams and you'll get your answer.
The idea that there's a league wide conspiracy against the Ticats is absurd. The officiating (and now the challenge rules) are terrible. And I don't want to hear the commissioner say "Our officials get things right 97% of the time" that's so laughable I don't even what to know what data they're twisting to get that number.

I don't believe there is a conspiracy, but I can see how these constant mistakes and bad calls definitely add full to that fire. Especially when the outcome of important games are on the line.

;DWhen Jake goes into the Hall of Fame he will be able to say in his speech. Yah I can you now say I hated Hamilton and screwed them every chance I could.:slight_smile:

You're Bang on my Friend, The Officiating isn't very good and it's getting worse not only for the Cats but I watch every CFL Game I can and I just shake my head. It's very bad
It's almost like the Fans Come to watch the Refs instead of Watching the Athletes because the Zebras sure put on a show..
The NFL also has it's issues but Very Few and Far between very professional.

NFL Philadelphia Eagle fans would disagree . Pete Morelli's Officiating crew has had a bad relationship with the eagles in 2017 .This crew was suspended in 2015 for mistakes and continue to work games . I am not defending the CFL crews but to say the NFL are better is not really accurate .