The Jake Ireland Research Project

Needed: One researcher with time on their hands to determine the following:

  1. Past 25 years Tiger-Cats Win/Loss Record overall with Jake Ireland as referee vs. same period with other referee.

  2. Home Win/Loss Record with and without Jake.

  3. Road Win/Loss Record with and without Jake.

  4. Total penalty yardage deficit with and without Jake.

  5. This year's statistics on penalties/yardage with and without Jake.

Actually, there might be too few games without Jake refereeing for the statistics to be meaningful...

IMHO ... the results would be overwhelming ... I took my Dad to the game and when I saw Jake there I swore. My Dad asked why and I said "he hates us!" By 2nd Q Dad knew exactly why!

okay so im fairly young so if theres any reason to why he hates us I really dont know or tend to remember so please someone fill me in? because he totally blew that call & I thought he'd make it up in the second half.

Jake didnt make the call on the hit on Bishop or the no yards penalties but it sure as hell seems like they all happen when he`s the head ref .

Their was a hit on Walker and it was exactly the same hit at the same spot as the one on Bishop , but guess what ?? No penalty .

The Argos had only won 2 games going into yesterdays game . So one would think they arent a very good team either , you would never know it after yesterdays game . They dont hold apparently , they dont get no yards penalties . Geez you would think they are a first place team according to the refs . I just dont buy it at all !!!!

Although I didn't think the officiating was that bad yesterday, (but yes, the Armour penalty was bogus and the non-call on the Walker hit was brutal considering it was actually out of bounds) Ireland is the worst official in the league.

Obviously he isn't the one making all of the calls, but his crew in general is just horrific.

It's time to get rid of dead weight like Ireland, otherwise the CFL will always be conidered bush league and rightfully so. The officiating league-wide is a joke.

I noticed 2 Roughing the passer calls on Chang in the first Quarter that should have been calls and Ireland "missed" them both. One was a give or take call that I wouldn't have been mad at if he called or not.

One was a flagrant hit on Chang after the throw had been made, right on the Ti-Cat 5 yard line and with a ref on the Line of Scrimage and no call was made at all.

For the most part the refs were decent. But that call on Armour was garbage, One No-Yards call I couldn't believe I had to count on my hand to see if 5 still came after 4 because the guy was 6-7 yards out and still was called.

I thought this was a thread about donating Ireland to science for research purposes. :wink:

I would volunteer for your project, but I fear it would be the thing that finally pushes me over the edge. It would only frustrate you.

That's why I want someone else to do it. I'm afraid that the results of my research would push me over the edge (and I'm already teetering).

Jake definately missed the roughing the QB call ,Chang was hit well after throwing ,the defender took a step and slammed him ,this was called all night in Saskatchewan Sunday,but Jake stood there and looked at it and made the no call....!!!grrrrr IDIOT!

How can you throw a flag on an in bounds hit and not throw a flag for an out of bounds hit? Only in the CFL you say. CFL= Completely Foolish League.

"Someone get me David Cynamon on the phone and ask him what he wants me to do!"

  • paul

I think the caption on this photo should read "Ummm, we, umm, blew another one and umm, we've run out of, umm, goof ball excuses. This one's not gonna look too good on the Big screen or on the fan forum tomorrow..."

I love the Ti-Cat fans passion, but to blame refs is so Toronto Maple Laff fan.
I know a lot of you are probably Laff fans too but please! I love the Cats as much as anyone, but that was a late hit, and there were a lot of dumb penalties the Cats took.
Jake Ireland is not our Kerry Fraser.
We are the most passionate football fans in the country, lets not sink down to Leaf fan teritory, the most pathetic hockey fans in the country.

We don't excuse bad performance from the Tiger-Cats - and I am a frequent participator in the thousand or so threads on this forum discussing the problems at QB, on the O-Line, with the Special Teams, penalties, etc.

However, bad performance from the Ticats DOES NOT excuse the lame performance from the referees once again. The inconsistency of referees is intolerable when there are so FEW of them to begin with.

The Belli late hit on Chang was right in front of the Jake and he let it go.
The legitimate hit on Bishop IN BOUNDS was deemed flagrant enough for a major penalty.

Each week we are discussing inconsistent, intolerable and unconscionable refereeing, and I am the first guy to tell you that it happens to all teams in this league. I have posted frequently about calls involving other clubs (see Argos/Als interception thread) or (Bombers/Argos fumble recovery thread) for example.

This league needs to get it's act together with regard to officiating. It's very overdue.

I glad I'm not the only one seeing these inconsistent calls. I thought they could have called 3-4 late hits on the TiCats QB's alone.

Does anyone else notice a certain emptiness in Jake Ireland's eyes? Or his methodical trotting up and down the field? Has anyone ever seen the man drink water? It's been my belief for some time now that Jake Ireland is actually a ref-bot snuck into the CFL by the blue team. They have the IT sector and motive for inflicting such pain on us.

Also, is his glasses getting thicker?

If they aren't, maybe they should be.

BTW, when the Cats won the Cup in '86, who was the referee? Jerk Ireland. I guess miracles do happen or hell froze over that day. You be the judge.

Lol. The 2017 Jake Ireland Command Centre performances and CFL apologies reminded me of this project suggestion originally from 2007. I guess the project scope should now be updated to 35 years, and include the for and against percentages of his calls from the Command Centre. This one man has done significant damage to the league, and fan base for decades and is still allowed to dictate outcomes, although he turns 71 next month.