The J Team

so BH, how do you feel about the newest JJ addition to the team.

I’m glad to see him back in the Lions den. I think he will be good for the team and will bring a lot of playing and coaching experience. However, a guy, no matter how much experience he’s got can only do so much with what he has to work with.
I have felt for the past 5-6 years that the Lions O-line has been like a sieve. I don’t know how much Jackson can do about that.

7 of the top 12 ranked draftees are o-line.

Maybe the lions will actually pick one or two of them

I’ll be much more at ease when I see fewer huge gains being called back because certain players on the O-line have to resort to holding to give Jennings enough protection. What are your thoughts FYB?It would be nice. The O-line I believe is the Lions achilles heel.

yo Beagle, don’t mess with my head. The way you worked the quotes, you got me thinking I am talking to myself

lol. I see what happened FYB. Sorry my friend. I corrected it. If I'm not paying attention to exactly where the cursor is I end up putting my comments in the quote box, instead of below it.