The iron curtain is about to rise

Since Infrastructure Ontario is finally going to release information on what IWS 2.0 will look like on October 12:

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and the Ticats are playing the Lions that night will the announcement be made at the game itself on Tigervision? Will said announcement also give details of where the Tabbies will play next year? Stay tuned for more information.

Perhaps the team can advise what the heck will be happening from their perspective on October 12. Will they host an official unveiling party -either before, during (half time) or after the game?

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I'm skeptical IWS can be torn down and rebuilt in time for the 2014 season. Too many variables at play (weather, labour issues, material shortages, etc) Just too tight for my liking.

I'm quite sure we will not be playing our home opener until the 4th maybe 5th week of the 2014 season. Montreal started a few weeks on the road when they built onto their stadium as well as Winnipeg this year. Those few extra weeks will probably help, plus our winters aren't quite as harsh as Winterpegs.

don't approx $25K/day financing charges payable by the contractor for delays beyond the promised completion date, don't be surprised if the project is completed early.

Those possible delay causes that you cite simply have not been issues on any major construction project in this area for quite some time.