The intelligence of football coaches and GMs

Sometimes some of us overestimate the real world intelligence of GMs and coaches. Here are some not totally accurate quotes:

“Soon you may be back on your street corners”-Jim Popp to his players in Montreal
" who cares about B/U qbs"- Popp again while riding high with AC

" I haven’t spent more than 5 min all year with our B/U qbs: Lapo when HC in Winny a few years ago

" if he wants more money he should work in a bank" Buono on releasing Andrew Harris
" I prayed and God told me to give Casey Printers another chance." Buono on Printers last go around.

" Those fu…k Canadian Mafia" : American Dave Dickenson who made his name and wealth in Canada about Canadian coaches and officials in Winnipeg.

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Just a small correction. “We” have notoverestimated the real world intelligence of GMs and coaches. Some have overestimated it. 8)

Ya good point. I’ll change that.
And good to see you scanning the board here David. :slight_smile:

«The universal language of football is winning.»
-Kavis Reed

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Is that not true?

Not according to his HC/GM record

where did you get that one from?

I challenge the source

No need to challenge. You can just ask.
Ok. I’ll try.
But it was reported in the press in Vancouver back then
It is well known that Wally is a devout guy…
I’ll see what I can dig up from back then

…the one about DD is a little out of context here with the other items being said/stated in front of a reporter with a microphone/tape recorder in their face…DD’s gaff was through a hot mike on the sidelines during a heated battle with Winnipeg…he’s a smart enough fellow he’d never say something like that openly so about the only there you could legit criticize his intelligence on is maybe situational awareness, and even then who the heck would know when a mike is on or not…

…everyone makes a mistake now and then, doesn’t define their intelligence…

…besides, the Canadian Mafia thing was well-known through the league and supposedly the Winnipeg boys were aware of it and laughed about it…it’s not a slight against Canadians in general as your fake news angle puts it…

Here you go FYB:

No question…an excuse can always be found.

Everybody knows us armchair QB’s are smarter than the Coaches. :wink:

From an academic perspective, almost none of this discussion has actually been about intelligence itself. Knowledge, perseverance, experience, linguistic expression etc. But overall intelligence? Nah… let’s leave that for the pros to define (it isn’t as easy as you might imagine).

There… does that sound intelligent? ?