The injury list grows...

So with Craig Butler in a boot today, Austin say's he's likely out for the game on Thursday...and Simoni probably wont be back either. Any word on Rico Murray, Filer, Figueroa, Landry??

I wonder how many guys on the 1 game IR are actually ready to go? Id like to see Michael Coe in for Courtney Stephens and Stephens taking Butlers spot. Im not knocking Neal King but I just don't think hes ready to be starting at safety.

Un real, its crazy how we are getting killed with injuries again to start the year....anyone else wondering what this team could accomplish once healthy? Or even what this team could accomplish with out such a crippling IR for the first half of the season???

According to Drew Edwards,
Simoni, Rico and Filer practiced yesterday

“For those looking for good #Ticats news: @Simoni_Lawrence and @Mr513RicoMurray both practicing today, as is @Filer64

That game vs. Ottawa was more costly, through injuries, than most, and to both teams. While the Cats will face WPG most likely without Butler, Hazime and Banks, the RBs will host SSK definitely without DL Justin Phillips (broken leg), WR Kierrie Johnson (broken arm) and DB Jovon Johnson who hurt something, so far unstated.

If king does start at S they will go right after him for sur. Deep throughs where he will be likley slow to get ove and help
Stephan is proven as a safety starter so likley would be best.
Not wure what happened with Caldwell and Plesius at MLB but Plesius. had 4 defensive Tackles and Caldwell one so it seems Plesius was in the mix on defense. Laurent and Buckle bur minus Hazime. Still alot of quality Canadian players on the defesive side of the ball for the ratio.

Neil Kings has all the qualities needed to be a good DB in the CFL. He is fast ,tough & quick . Physically he is ready ( that's why he is so good on ST ) but he needs to learn his position better. Middle safety is IMHO the toughest position in the secondary. There is no room for error. King tends to go left when he should go right ( and vice versa ) far too often. He did it on Saturday and it cost us a touchdown. On the job training for a middle safety usually ends badly . I like King but not as a middle safety. At least not now.

Agreed PatMac, I would have liked to see Courtney Stephen slide over to fill for Butler and give Mike Coe another shot at DB. We’ll see how it goes I guess.

Agree,I would also like to see Stephen at safety in this game instead of King. The team could easily do this move by inserting Rico Murray at Stephen's spot and going with Lawrence,Reed and Bowman at the Line Backer positions for this game.The D-backfield could be Breaux and Murray outside,Stewart and Davis inside and Stephen at safety. I like King as a player,but in reality he isn't really starter material and could prove to be a real liability as he has proven in the past when given the opportunity,he is IMO strictly a special teams player,and a very effective one at that,but a starter ? Definitely not !!
Murray has proven his versatility in the past and with the depth we have at LB he could easily shift back to the secondary and slide into the position seamlessly or even move up to LB in game depending on what looks we see from the Bomber's Offence with Davis sliding outside to the corner as well from his inside spot. I think that the team has enough depth and versatility on Defence with multiple players being able to play different positions(Murray,Davis,Stephen,Harris,Bowman) that having to start King should be strictly as a last resort. I also have to agree with you about Coe,in the one game he did play,he did impress,but I'm not to sure about his injury status at this time,as his name has not been mentioned as being in the mix for this game. The depth chart should be out later today at sometime,it should be interesting to see who and where everybody lines up for this game indeed.

Unfortunately, I believe the ratio will dictate that Neil King replaces Butler as safety.

If you slide Stephen back to safety, then you have to replace him at field corner with an import.

With the status of Hasan Hazime in question, it's difficult to start/play 2 non imports at DT (Laurent & Bulcke) without having another non-import rotating. Even with him being available, if you start 2 NI's at DT rotating Hasan in for Bulcke or Laurent, you would not be able sub in an American at DT like Moore or Hall.

3 NI starters on D. Bulcke or Laurent at One DT. Stephen at corner. King at safety.

4 NI starters on O. Filer at Centre. O'Neill or Rice at left guard. Fantuz & Giguere at receiver.

There's your 7 starting NI's.

You'd have to start Plesius at WILL or MLB over Bowman, Lawrence or Reed in order to not start King at safety. Or take one of the American Olinemen in Simmons, Lewis or Olsen out and use 3 NI's on the front line.

I see what your'e getting at Fender,in order to get both Murray and Lawrence back on the gameday the team will have to delete or scratch 2 other imports from the active 46.One will probably be Caldwell at LB,but as for the other deletion,well there's your problem. I agree it can't be Moore at DT with Hazime being placed on the 1 gm so that leaves perhaps Reed with the option of Plesius as his replacement. I can't see the team sitting out either of Bowman or Harris and the rest of the imports on D are all classified as starters and will obviously be on the roster for the gameday 44. Unfortunately with the injuries on the O-Line and the team having to play 3 imports there,it doesn't leave us with many other options,so I can see your point about how the ratio will dictate that the team will have no other option but to unfortunately have to start King at Safety in place of Butler.

I'd expect them to blitz King more and use him inside the box more with Murray playing in coverage. That plays to their skill sets much better.

Steinhauer's D brings pressure from a lot of different places/positions as we all know. If you recall on Saturday, one of Bowman's big hits, the one that resulted in an UR penalty & fine, Bowman had slid back to the safety position while they brought Butler up into the box & blitzed 2.

I fully expect them to mix up the blitz & coverage packages a lot this Thursday to not only get Willy off his game but to also cover for weaknesses incurred because of the King/Butler substitution.

Think we'll see Coleman getting a chance at DE this week over Boudreaux. Hall in for Moore.

It'll be Bowman in the middle, Lawrence at weak side & Murray at strong side linebackers.

My guess is that is the best option. O'Neill started at RG a few times last year.

But the short week may dictate otherwise.

There is another option and doing the DT rotation as was done in the game: Moore and Plesius come in for the International MLB and one of Bulcke/Laurent. Then the National starters are Bulcke, Laurent, Stephen, two National O-Linemen, Giguere and Fantuz. Banks would now be a DI rather than a free substitute, and that's a major negative, but I'm thinking not as negative as starting King at safety.

It is very possible not to start King with Stephan at Safety and import at the corner. Plesius did not start but with 4 defensive tackles he was part of a rotation Package. King may have to be part of the rotation to balance the ratio in different packages.
Gascon-Nadon is also the rotating DE.The modern concept of defensive packages and rotations goes with the modern way of how they are using the ratio. The best Canadian players possible on the roster and not pinning it to one position.

If King struggles, Austin will have options to correct that. But let’s give King the benefit of the doubt. Austin and Steinauer obviously think he can do the job if they start him, and they are smart football minds. I’m hoping King proves all doubters wrong with a strong performance.

Apparently the coaches disagree as per Austin's media scrum July 29th.

It wasnt the only reason they went after Butler, being that he is one of the top young Canadian defensive players that also doubles as one of the top coverage teams players. As soon as they aquired Butler stated clearly that he will be starting at Safety with Stephan backing him up, Packaging them both in together, as well as the potential to play Field CB. Butler wanted to play Safety and not Will LB so it was a perfect fit. This was also the need to have a better 2nd safety than King as well. King earned his spot as a top young teams player. So when the roster shakes out he fills on of the spots on the National roster for a few starting teams players. With kicking teams being on the field almost as much as the O and D that having part of that roster being for players who are really starters with Teams as their first priority

Injuries are unfortunate and part of the game of Football, I think Austin and his assistant coaches have done a great job in finding replacement players, hey it gives someone else an opportunity to shine and show the coach and fans what they have to offer.

I hope LeFevour shines in his second start against Winnipeg, he has the ability and talented receivers and playmakers like Gable and so on, now we just need our second win!