The Injured Ricky Ray

They said at the winnipeg game that he looked like he wouldnt be ready to go against Sask...

not good, the way the riders looked against BC we might be in trouble with jackson

jackson slows the team into a one track mind running team.
the first half kackert could barely run 2 yards, and jackson completed like 1 in 4 passes.

Hopefully ray comes back soon, I'd like to go to my first argos home playoff game this year

i'm also hoping for an above 500 record, say 10-8

Some good news: Argonauts draft pick OL Tyler Holmes has been released from the Minnesota Vikings’ (NFL) practice roster.

So when Ray does come back it looks like he’ll have some better protection!

i'm hoping we'll see Ray back for this next game, or i'm afraid the east championship will go to montreal by default.
i'd like to see a east division champion without any excuses for the teams that didn't win.

montreal just beat the argos, but i'm left wondering if the outcome would be different had Ray not gotten injured.
i hate having question marks after a game.
i want a definitive winner. two teams at their best with their best players playing and 1 winner.

Yes Ricky will be ready for Winnipeg. One thing for sure in any playoff game you have a chance with Ray.
Buck boy looks like a go for Winnipeg's. If he does this will be a close game. Keep an eye on the practice reps.
If some has knowledge please get back. Specially Ray as the week moves forward.

In Winnipeg Pierce hasn't been given the go ahead but he is practicing and getting half the reps, Elliott the other half. My guess is Buck will start the game, finishing it well that's another story. With Winnipeg you can expect both to play most times.

Ricky vs Buck. Should be a great match. Hopefully all you argo fans will be there for the game and yes! Cold beer

:lol: Yes, and loud!