The Inept Draft of 2007

Looking at the make up of the present Alouette team one thing stands out. Not one of the Als selections in this years draft made the team. It is without belief that of the many CIS players or the many Canadians playing football in the USA the Als scouting could not find one player competent enough to make this team-even in a second or third string role! This was a most inept performance! I would guess that with Popp now in the coaching role, no one else was appointed as scout. This organization stinks and for the first time in my life I am not proud to be an Alouette fan!

There are 2 ways to look at it.

  1. They didnt draft anyone good enought to make the team.
    2)They had a solid team to begin with and didnt need anyone they drafted.

That is a false statement. Hucklay is a draft pick in his first year. Andrew Hamilton, Danny Desrivaux made the practice roster.Popp is on the record as stating he drafts with an outlook on two to three years down the road.

So Kashama, Perrett and possibly Desjardins and Bourque are all draft picks of Popp who are here or could be here if their NFL shot dosen't pan out.
Only a fool would question Popp's ability to evaluate prospects. You can call Popp pompous and vane but you can't question is nose for talent.

CIS grads are rarely ready to make the jump to the CFL in their first year. Who's to say some of our picks from this year won't become important parts of the team down the road? Popp is one of the best evaluators of talent in the league. I trust his judgment.

The players you mentioned were not in this years draft and Hamilton signed with the Als Before the draft. Popp is for certain a good scout and has made good use of the draft. With his present position as head coach perhaps he did not have the time to do the job he did in past. I still believe that the Als appreciate Canadian football players so little that they paid no attention to scouting last season and the flop of the 2007 draft was the result. As noted, the fact that with all the Canadian players in college ball here and in the USA the Als paid so little attention to them that we did not even get a third string new Canadian player is abhorrent! This year Popp and the entire Alouette management demonstrated disservice to both our Canadian players and the fans. Perhaps we need a new coach and should delegate Popp back to a scouting role.