The Inactivity in Finding Replacement Wide Receivers - A Timeline

You should probably ask Gibson that question.

We need WR to Jones Sucks. Constant attacking Jones, yup he made a massive blunder. I unfondly remember how horrible last year was and how Jones was in the discussion for coach of the year based on the teams immediate turnaround.
Jones is here for better or worst this year and probably next with a contingency plan to hand off to Orlondo.
The team is organized, comes to play, plays hard, he handles the media well and expectations, brings credibility and name recognition to the team. All important parts of being a HC. Not perfect but so much better than most that have held this position in Hamilton since Lancaster.

Stop pretending Jones debacle was an unfortunate one-off.
Its a clear continuation of a pattern.

I'm The Gib.

That one big catch and fight for yards by Bralon Addison WR for the Cats was impressive late in the BC game .

I think I disagree with all of these points.

We are far from organized, we completely disappear for quarters at at time, I could care less how he handles the media because they don’t ask difficult questions, and I don’t think he brings credibility to us at all, this week he is the laughing stock of the league on social media.

And June Jones really likes him.
I do believe there are posters, to this forum, who know more about the rules, long-standing common procedures, and clock management, in the CFL, than the coach does. But, I do not believe the same to be true when it comes to judging players’ talents and suitability for performing in his offence.

That's very fair. They see players every day. we see them once a week (or not at all if they don't play).
Which is hilarious when I see people saying "Bring Kevin Elliot in"