The Inactivity in Finding Replacement Wide Receivers - A Timeline

Aug 24 - It was determined that Chris Williams had a season-ending injury.
Sep 1 - Ryan and Addison, who had been cut by the Cats and Argos respectively, were signed.
Sep 5 - It was determined that Jalen Saunders had a season-ending injury.
Sep 7 - 154 NFL receivers who were cut on Sep 2nd were waived out of the league.
Sep 9 - McDaniel was signed to the PR where he has been since then.
Sep 11 - Owens was signed to the PR where he has been since then.

Maybe you can answer some of my questions. What do you think of Addison and Ryan’s auditions? Is Rashad Lawrence good enough? What about Faubert-Lussier? Is Marquay expected to play, or just mentor the young guys? And are all 154 of these NFL cuts content to not play another down of football until next year? Maybe never?

We obviously have needs in several positions (we’re just not good enough). Where are the NFL Cuts? Kicker tryouts, a OL, DBs, back up QBs. I hate this standing pat for a team that is mediocre at best.

While we are at it might as well add coaches, co-ordinaters and GMs. 8)

We took a team battling for their playoff lives to the limit on their home turf with several starters injured. The Ticats are not a mediocre team.

Addison had a great first down catch late, and also ran a punt back for a TD that was called back by a bogus penalty.

Two weeks ago, Ryan looked terrific as a returner. I think he will re-emerge on the gameday roster soon, and certainly for the playoffs.

Lawrence has been reliable, and the team obviously likes him enough that they are patiently developing him, like they’ve done successfully with Mike Jones.

And the team signed Owens and McDaniel as insurance, in case Lawrence, Addison and Ryan were flashes in the pan…they haven’t been.

I’m fine with the players we have. We are in every game, and can beat anyone. We will be in the playoffs, and should be healthier by then. I’m frustrated by close losses, too, but don’t push the panic button.

Tough question to answer. But first, can you please let us know how many of the 154 have signed on to the practice roster of an NFL team, and how many have signed or are in discussions with the new league?

It took some time, but I checked the current NFL rosters and amazingly, all 154 are not on anybody’s PR.
Another clarification - I asked about Faubert-Lussier, Owens and McDaniel, because with Banks being a late scratch a couple times in a row and Green getting hurt mid-game, we started one more Canadian than we had to and for a time, played two more Canadians than we had to. So I’m asking, with such a multitude of talent south of the border, why is Faubert-Lussier good enough for the Tiger Cats?

We are absolutely a mediocre team. Do we have the talent or potential to be top 3? Maybe.
But you can’t be a 6-7 team and not be medicore.

They will sign Sinkfield soon.

You seem to be staking your credibility (such as it is, in an online sense) on this claim. I hope you're right.

I agree with most of what you said but this team seems to be constantly straddling that fine line between squeaking out a win and losing a close one. The losses always seem to be the result of a few key bad plays that the team can’t absorb or bounce back from. There are elements of the Cat’s game that are just not good enough to handle the measuring stick Stampeders.

I would like to see this. But the truth be told, Jones seems to be happy with what he has.
He is delusional. He thinks that Owens and McDaniel are a good replacement for Saunders
and Williams.
Until someone gives him a good shake and tells him that the offence right now is "not good
enough" to win the semi-final if they can make it that far.

It looks like we need a kicker however.

Soon Gibson. I promise.

Guess there's no rush. Our coach has mailed it in until the home playoff game now... Costs less to bring him in with 2 games to play for the playoff run, plus we save salary which is apparently a new priority.

Jones got exposed and called out months ago by some but…

Last game will the “turning point” for most fans waking up to what a bad hire he essentially was.

Who is Gibson? least we aren't 0-8....

He would have actually made a good coordinator for Austin if we could have used his playbook and he could have used his "players coach" qualities to insulate the players from the big bad Austin.... Then we would have had a revamped offense and someone that actually has a clue how to manage a game in this country.


Jones could have diffused the bomb by just owning the mistake right after game.

But typical slow footed Jones was seemingly caught of guard by the reaction as if fans were supposed to accept “crazy finish” without direct backlash on him.

Fans still would have been mad of course but the stink could have at least begun to dissipate.

Instead everthing he’s said since just fuels the cynicism. Blame defense, officiating then finally settles on kicker.

So not only can’t he manage a game he can’t manage the PR message either.

Difficult to see how all his decades of experience is benefitting team. Shouldnt he know this already ?

Red flag was already raised last year when he blew the Sask game with his infamous Shotgun from the 1 debacle. Instead of admitting the mistake he said he would absolutely run that play again. He seems to think of himself as infallible.