The importance of winning...

Last week all reporters were talking about was mismanagement of money… Hell thanks to Boulay and his agent it is what they mostly talked about for six weeks. This extended to the rookie DB’s last week. This week, not a word about that BS. and reporters have a completely different optic in their coverage.

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How it impacts chemistry and mood is also well reflected in the photographs. Great article and I think I will email him to let him know that’s the kind of stuff I look forward to reading.

Well done by Brulotte. Tell him the Expos won`t be back for awhile, to continue writing on the Als.

We know his home run call, wonder what his touchdown call would be. :smiley:

In Kirk Penton's column this week he notes that in the past 3 years, teams who have won in the opening week subsequently finished higher in the standings than the team they beat in 11 of 12 cases. Only time that did not happen was last year when Toronto beat Edmonton.

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Ça demeure un maigre échantillon pour l'instant. Il faudrait refaire l'exercice sur 10 ans pour avoir un semblant de signification.

Winning is important, agreed, but reporters in Montreal need to give the team a longer leash when winning doesn't happen. After over 15 years of on-field success, there is no way the team should field the negativity it does for what has been a three-year trough. There are teams that have spent a decade in the crapper (remember the early '00s Hamilton?) that didn't have to put up with this rumor-baiting nonsense.

No matter who you are in sports teams have ups and downs.sometimes after success expectations become high. All teams ,especially at the pro level have down years. It the nature of the beast with injuries,salary caps ect. Good reporters should know that but from the sounds of it they dont

Most Montreal football reporters are lazy hacks who are looking to stir up trouble, who don't know jack about the game of football but who will latch on to any half-baked rumor about the team or the league being in financial distress. Montreal is my hometown, and it's a great city in many ways, but the sports media there, with a few exceptions (like Pierre Vercheval), should be drawn and quartered.

That's a bummer. Media should be there to promote local teams and and give educated assessments . Pretty sad they beat down a team in there home town

Montreal is a hockey city first, last, and always. All other sports get short shrift and there is a sizable anti-CFL contingent there. It's sad. The local sports reporter for the only English-language newspaper in the city is a lazy hack who prefers innuendo and unnamed sources to fair, even-handed reporting. The team opens the season with a tough win on the road and his lead is that the Als have proven they can beat a bad team on the road! I figure if I shame him enough here maybe he'll clean up his act. He reads this board, of that I'm sure. We'll have a nice little discussion here and mysteriously, a few days later, similar content will appear in his paper, disguised just enough to avoid plagiarism charges. :lol:

The only way to shut guys like that up is for the als to win. At some point then he will have to give up his denial.


Yes, it's all about winning. Charlie agrees!

Most of them do.