The Importance Finishing First

How important has finishing 1st been to this club over its previous 64 seasons?

The Tiger-Cats finished 1st, in their division, five times in their first decade, six times in their second, twice in the 70's, four times in the 80's, just once in the 90's and not at all in the first decade of this century.

They went on to play in the Grey Cup in 14 of those 18 seasons by winning 77.8% of those Eastern Finals.

They've finished 2nd seventeen times and went on to play in the Grey Cup in just five of those years. That's 29.4%

They have never made it into the Grey Cup in a season when they finished 3rd.

Interesting is that they've won only 5 of the 14 Grey Cup games they played in after finishing 1st (35.7%), while they won 3 of the 5 championships they've played in after finishing in 2nd place (60%).

Not having a bye week for so long the time off will be huge - Austin's grin when asked said it all - they needed this

For this team this year I think having the week to rest is HUGE! :smiley: I think it increases their chance of success rather than having to play again next week. I'm sure that the coaches will enjoy the break just as much as the players too! :smiley: Can't do too much game planning until they know who the opposition will be in the EDF!

A normal bye week means no practices are allowed as per the CBA,
I would hope that this bye to the East final means practices and scrimmages are allowed for the full 2 weeks,
I sure hope the players won't be leaving town on this bye week.
Well earned time off to get Fantuz, Madu and maybe Gable and Dyakowski dressed

From what Austin said in his post game interview the players will get the week off after team meetings today. Why continue to practice and risk injury when they need time at the end of a long season to rest and heal all of those minor nicks and bruises? They don't know WHO they will be facing and that will determine the game plan and how they practice. Players may not leave town but I really think they deserve a rest when you consider that all the western teams have had recent bye week - Riders as recently as a week or so ago, EE the week before. Being rested gives the players a better chance of success IMO.

I also loved his grin during his pre-game speech when he was saying: "Man I'm looking forward to watching you guys play."

rew Edwards?@scratchingpost·22m22 minutes ago
#Ticats have elected to treat next week like a bye week: no practices, no team activities, no nothing. Rest, then back it next week.