The Import Rule.

The import rule - revisited - yet again.

BTW, the rules doesn’t state that a non-import has to be Canadian, just that he has to have played his high school or college ball in Canada (ie have experience in the Canadian game). Americans aren’t going to come to Canadian colleges to play football as they can earn more scholorship money doing it in the US. Calgary had a Brit who played one year of CIAU football who was classified as a non-import.
The rule has to do with experience with the game, nothing to do with nationality. That’s why the rule needs to stay.

Well, that’s the whole point.

If it’s really about experience in the Canadian game, then why isn’t CFL experience a factor?

I would say make it 7 years and have a limit of three. I think GM's are a little afraid of some of these guys holding them up for ransom. That's what happens somewhat with the starting Canadians now, except for the QB's and a few import stars the starting Canadians are the highest paid in the league.

I like the idea of converting imports to non-imports after 5 years of steady play. But it has to be 5 years in a row, they can't go back to the NFL and then back up here again. Once they go down, they lose their non-import status.

What is the point of doing it anyways?
What do you gain?

A better calibre of play, better balance in the league. There's not enough Canadians good enough to start in this league and also have good backups available in case of injury.
Nobody can say the top Canadians in the league aren't equal to the Americans, there's just not enough of them.

I like this idea, vets would then be treated like royalty, instead of pieces of meat.

There are enough to fill the rosters right now!

Allowing giving non-imports import status after 5 years will remove a spot from a Canadian and open up another spot for an American

I agree with the idea as it would improve the talent level on the field, too many roster spots are gained due to nationality.
I would add a footnote that time in the CFL must be consecutive, therefore trying out for a NFL spot would disqualify the player.

You can become a Canadian citizen after residing in Canada for more than six months in 3 consecutive years.

The CFL Non-Import rule considers where you played high school football, not your nationality. If you played HS football in the US, you are an Import. If you played in any other country, you are a Non-Import.

You can't make transplanted Americans "Non-Imports" or they will take the place of Canadian-trained players, and thus you would have very few Canadians left in the league.

A player who has received training in football outside of Canada by having participated as a player in a football game outside of Canada prior to attaining the age of seventeen years.

A player who has received training in football outside of Canada by having participated as a player in a football game outside of Canada after attaining the age of seventeen years, but who received no football training in Canada prior to attaining the age of seventeen years.

A player who has never received football training outside of Canada, or who was physically resident in Canada for an aggregate period of five years prior to attaining the age of fifteen years.

Justifying the rule gets even more complicated when you consider the fact that some high schools in Canada play 4 down football.

On the surface, the rule appears to suggest that training in Canadian football is the key.

However, if you read between the lines, the reality is that the rule is protecting and maintaining the number of Canadians in the league.

i agree, make the limit 7 years. and about it being CIAU experience, i think thats a little decieving, because canadians that play their peewee/bantam/highschool careers in canada, and then play in the states are very much informed of the rules, yet because they didnt play in canada for college, they are an import, which really isnt fair, because they've played about 7-8 years of developmental football in canada.
i think its fair if there americans who never played the canadian game, and come up here to play pro ball, then its understandable.

u must protect the Canadian element of the Canadian Football League

Define Canadian element.

Is it the player or the game?

Or, a bit of both?

Before the CFL came up with this ruling it was either you were an American (import) or Canadian (non-import). So some of the teams came up with the idea of having some of their imports become naturalized Canadians and scoured the US colleges for players whose had a parent that was a Canadian thereby any of these players were Canadians as well.
Some famous CFL American stars who became "Canadians" included Hamilton's DT John Barrow, DT Angelo Mosca, QB Bernie Faloney amd WR Tommy-Joe Coffey. They also had such "Canadians" (who were born and grew up in the States but had a Canadian parent)OT Bronco Nagurski, OG Bill Danychuck, DE Ron Ray and DB Ted Page. So Hamilton back in those days were playing with almost all Americans as starters. (No wonder they were so dominant back then)
The Argos had WR/P Dave Mann, RB Dick Shatto, OT Billy Shipp, QB Nobby Wirkowski and DE Dick Fouts...all becoming true blue Canadians for football purposes.
I don't remember who all the teams had become "Canadians", but I remember Ron Lancaster was one for Saskatchewan. But it became to one sided for teams in the larger centers were attracting most of players who would live year round and become Canadian citizens, so this rule got changed to the present.
Now the non-imports are mostly real Canadians with a few of these guys that lived 5 years in Canada but grew up in the States (Argos Noel Prefontaine and Riall Johnson and the Ticats Wayne Smith) and there's a few who never played organized football before playing at a Canadian University the Lions WR Colon and Calgary center Godfrey Ellis but are not Canadians.

Which brings us to the present. The non-import talent has improved because of improved coaching and players going to US colleges. However the NFL has taken noticed of some of these players (there is currently 21 Canadians on NFL rosters. This about three per CFL team. Nobody is begrudging them the big money but if the CFL is going to restrict their rosters and mandate 20 Canadians players per team and these players are not available they should allow players of equal talent (3 imports per team who have played 5-6-7? years in the league become non-imports) to make up for the Canadians in the NFL IMO.
Keeping the number at three would still protect the CIS players and make sure the GM's couldn't be held for ransom by a player demanding a huge salary thinking they couldn't be replaced. It would also be fairer to all teams who didn't find a Noel Prefontaine or a Riall Johnson to bolster their Canadian content.
After saying all that I am still infavour of 20 non-imports per team...just differ in how they are arrived at. :slight_smile:

I think the rule should say as it is. Who do you want to see play? a Canadian or an import? the rule is that everyone can play, but you can't sideline those that have had experience in the CIS, CJFL, etc.

Canadians want to see their home grow heros play more, and (except in 1994 and 95) you can't win in this league w/o great Canadian talent, it should stay that way.

High school ball here is all NFL rules, only community ball is CFL rules.