The Import Rule

If you don’t know what it is? It’s the rule that allows and limilts the non Canadain players in the CFL.

However, there are ways around it since it’s base on what college you granduated from (and that also since appeals if you came from the CJFL) if I’m not mistaken. So if a player was going to a college outside Canada, but wanted to play in the CFL and didn’t want to be an import, he could transfer and graduate there and join the CFL as a non import. I’am I right guys???

So, anyway, this topic is about the members opions on the import rule.

From What I Understand If You Don’t Have Any Football Training Prior To Your 18th Birthday, Outside Of Canada Your Still Considerred A Non-Import. So, Using Your Example He Could Go To An american College After He Turns 18 And Still Join The CFL As A Non-Import.

Hey Kanga

Do the have ant import rules on aussie football at all (and I don’t mean dingos or kangaroos)