The image that meant "Failure"

While entering this site, the following image popped-up at the right of the screen. It made me laugh... "Saskatchewan" and "East Semifinal"... Isn't that just another way to say "Failure" ? And look at how Crandell lowers his head in shame on the picture. It says it all...


But seriosuly, Montreal would have to have a severe break down to get beat at home by the Riders.

But then again...Stranger things have happened.

That is not Crandell!!
That is all rider fans after the semi eastern final!!!

I for one won't be surprised if the Riders represent the East in the Grey Cup. That would definitely hurt the ratings. The Grey cup should be East vs West.

Having said that, for Ottawa to be in the playoffs with their record would be a bigger injustice.

I’m by no means an expert, but that looks like Thurmon to me, and since Crandell is #8, even tho you can’t see which numbers are on his jersey, there are two digits, which kinda takes the possibility of it being Crandell right out.

I’m expecting to see a good game, and hoping to see a Rider victory. The playoffs are a whole different season… if we come up with an offensive game plan, who knows?

Cflfan4life IF, I mean IF they represent the East.You will have to change your name to shocked4life.LOL
Don't worry cflfanforlife.You will get to keep your name.!!!

42monkey, you are right. I just looked at the number on the left shoulder of the player because the one on the chest wasn't visible and it seemed to be #8. This is not Crandell then, but my comment remains the same.

It's not quite failure, just that we're currently sixth-best in the league. As I said, who knows what can happen in the playoffs......

I'm of the opinion that he's got his head lowered to smash through an opposing defence on his way to the game winning touchdown. :slight_smile:

Or cause he's gotta bring the football shaped cake to the party in a windstorm, and he's trying to protect it, one of the two.

Everyone in Saskatchewan wishes that the Riders were in the west playoffs, but that is how the cards played out. I am not a fan of the crossover either. That is why there needs to be 10 teams in the league. Nonetheless, that is the "way it is" - Bruce Hornsby

Between you and me I’d like to see the Argos defending their title. That would be a ratings giant no matter who represents the West. Like I said before, I have 6 Grey Cup tickets and hope to be cheering on the Leos, but if they’re not in it I’ll be cheering loudly for the Argos.[/b]

I believe in the crossover, though I never like to see it happen. Everything is good in the world when three teams from the east and three teams from the west advance to the playoffs. That's parity.

I can't wait for the day when all 4 eastern teams, and only two from the west, make the playoffs. And I'll laugh, and I'll laugh, and I'll laugh,...

There you go again kman7.
Not everyone wishes Saskatchewan was in the west from Saskatchewan.
I know alot of people who live in Saskatchewan who wish the riders never made the play offs.
That includes rider fans.
Think of it this way.
If you didn't make the playoffs,there would be changes.
Now that you made them.Shivers will give all them a vote of confidence(SP).
Is it a good thing?
I don't think so.Same old song and dance.
You rider fans will never learn.!!!

You don't make any sense saskargo.

My point is.
There will be NO changes in riderville next year no matter what!!!
Shivers will give Barrett a thumb up to Barrett.
If you guys didn't make the playoffs he would of got thumbs down.
In other words you better hope you win the cup Rider fans.If you don't another year of Barrett!!
You think you rider fans would learn!!!
Is that clear for you kman7.Want me to draw a friggin picture.

I said enough already in the fixnig the CO post, So I'll shut up

but that is a cool image, weild, but cool!

You gotta love saskargo. She reminds me of good ole JR Foley off of Stampede Wrestling. Let the good times roll.