The Idiot Crossover.

Lets just leave it the way it is.

Agreed. Even when the league eventually lands a tenth team, they should still keep the current format. The first round bye as people have mentioned, rewards winning the regular season title with a week to rest while other teams are battling it out in order to get to the divisional championship games. Having too many teams making the playoffs as mentioned completely nullifies the regular season.

They should look to change the format once the league gets to 12 teams, which at this rate will be in the year 2120

Playoffs can stay as they are.

That said, a two game total point series semi final of 4 teams could also be interesting but would render much of the league eliminated with weeks remaining on the season.

And all that said, the same is true for most teams in the NFL with the majority of the league eliminated with weeks remaining and no one complains.

Nope. Id rather the reg season earn them an easier path (ie 1v8 ). I think its bush league that u can get to the grey cup by winning just one playoff game. Just my opinion…you dont have to agree.

Thanks sherlock. Lol

Agree with you except I think you maybe overly optimistic on when the league gets to 12.

So it must be lower than bush league that you win the EPL championship with having to win a single playoff game.

Yep, thats total bush league. I dont know what EPL is but remind me never to watch it.

The regular season does earn them an easier path, division winners get a bye in the first round. It’s extremely evident you can’t see the forest for the trees but I find being given a bye from the first playoff round an easier path than their next opponent has.

So let’s get rid of the regular season because it clearly means nothing and is not something you are interested in.

Premier League (and most soccer leagues) has it right.
This whole idea of playoffs is stupid.
It has nothing to do with competition.
It has everything to do with money.

Its extremely evident you cant read.

I know the regular season gets them a bye and an easier path. But my original point was that I dont like the fact you can win one playoff game and be in the grey cup.

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