The House Cleaning Continues...Adios Willie Pile

Interesting to see the Argos finally "retired" Willie Pile today. He was one of the liabilities in the secondary last I said last season Pile, Parker and Younger are all too slow to play man coverage anymore. Steinhauer did his best to hide them in soft zone coverage, but it looks like Chris Jones isn't going to be a part of the country-club buddy system in Toronto. Just need Toronto to cut Younger during training camp and the house cleaning of the secondary will be complete.

You beat me to it Area_51; posted the link none the less. Enjoy retirement Willie.

They are going to miss him, especially with Shell and Parker already gone.

And also, he logged a**loads of ST duty on top of his defensive starting spot. They guy is a warrior. That is a hole to fill for sure.

Not nearly as much as you might think. The secondary was the worst in the league last year. None of those three can play man coverage, and a big part of the Chris Jones scheme. Surrendering easy completions is one thing, but when you can't make the tackle, it's a real problem. The last weak link left to get rid of is Jordan Younger. Not only will the Argos be much better on the field after these moves, they'll be much stronger in the dressing room.

Correct me if I am wrong, but I don't think Younger played a game in the secondary last season, I think he was alway at linebacker.

Worst? Don't think so. Not even close. Saskatchewan has that FAR AND AWAY on lockdown.

You gravely undervalue the Argos defensive backfield last season, in my opinion, especially in their ability to jam and be physical (in particular Shell and Pile). This year, they have lost a lot and there are question marks for sure as it is basically completely going to be rebuilt (unlike the Riders who are sticking with the same inept group). But I am a big fan of Evan McCullough. I'd love to see him play for the Riders. He can play man for sure.

If Shell and Pile can jam receivers at the line they sure never showed it last season. That's was my biggest frustration - - the DBs would be 7 to 10yds off the naturally the opponents were quite willing to take everything uncontested underneath.

Agree on McCullough - - easily the Argos best DB from last year's group. His biggest weakness is that he's a bit undersized and can be bullied by bigger slot receivers. SJ Green and Richardson took turns abusing him last year...they'd go straight at him and initiate contact to get separation and McCullough wasn't strong enough to hold his ground. Hopefully a competent DC like Jones can mask that this year.

Younger missed a big part of the season with some type of injury, but they switched him and Pile near the end of the year. When Younger was at LB he was almost always dropping into coverage.

Correct me if I am wrong, but I don’t think Younger made a play all season. Closest he came was when he dropped a sure INT.