The Hottest Team in the CFL!!!

I could not imagine this back in July, but right now, the Ticats are the hottest team in the League!! Not only are they #1 in the division and starting to separate from the Eastern pack, but they are riding a 4 game win streak and only 1 game below .500!!!

Funny what a stable home can do to build confidence for everyone!

We'll probably be 4th in the power rankings again this week with sask somehow moving up to 2.

We are 4th! It's wtf worthy!


If there is a team that should knock Calgary off the mountain it shoulda been us.

THey even have Saskattoonawean above Toronto?!?!

who does? where?

Whose power rankings are these? I don't see any yet from either the league or TSN, although with TSN's new web site design, they could be there.

Power rankings from odds shark.

Swag & Stagger Show ?@SwagNStagShow
#CFLSwag Power Rankings, Week 15:
1 (1) CGY
2 (3) HAM
3 (6) TOR
4 (2) EDM
5 (7) MTL
6 (4) BC
7 (5) SSK
8 (9) OTT
9 (8) WPG

works for me

“That was a fight, but we’ve got a bunch of fighters in this room.”

The power rankings from the CFL website still appears to show week #14 rankings. I'm not sure when the new rankings come out. The new TSN website is garbage. Can't find anything.

What frustrates me the most about the Power Rankings in the CFL is both TSN and the CFL seem to be afraid to move teams up or down too far in a given week (or 2 weeks). Since we already have standings and they cant be debated it has always been a fun way to debate who the best team(s) are. I always feel that PR should be a snapshot of the league in a given week, if two teams played who would win based on what we have seen.

A perfect example is Sask, they cant beat anyone right now. They have yet to show that they can win without DD so at this point the only team i would put them ahead of is Ottawa and thats a close call considering they only beat them in overtime at home - on a neutral field or in Ottawa they would likely lose that game. Nevertheless - it seems that they take the first 10 weeks of the season too seriously and weigh them too much. Nothing wrong with a team moving from 2 to 8 in 3 weeks if they look THAT bad and vice versa, Hamilton has beat 5 solid teams lately and arguably are the hottest team in the league, they should be 2nd in the league to Calgary because Calgary hasnt done much to lose the top spot.

Anyways thats my rant. In a 9 team league these rankings should fluxuate much more than they do.

should be us on top but since CGY beat us twice i can live with this


Not sure what Sask has to do to be moved down.

yah really! Sask over Toronto is a joke. Us in 3rd is an even bigger joke.

These rankings are a perfect example of what you talked about earlier, Crash. They’re afraid to move teams too far up or down.

For example, Edmonton is 2-4 in their last 6 games. Hamilton is 5-1 in that span, with a win over the Eskimos. How is it possible that Edmonton can be ranked 2nd, ahead of Hamilton?

Relax. Standings are the power rankings.

Rankings are based on stats, including QB rating, averaged out over the games played so far. Hamilton's stats were bad early on but have been good enough lately to move them up to third. All western teams are still at least at .500 or above while the Ticats are still one game below .500. I don't think they will ever surpass the Stamps this season but if they keep winning, they will likely move up to 2nd. It wasn't that long ago that they were ranked #8!

You will never get me to believe that the CFL Power Rankings are about any formula other than some writer's opinion.

Enraging SSK’s fan base by demoting them seems to be a powerful deterrent.

You aren't allowed to say anything negative about them. Cats lose Collaros "Doesn't matter, we'll smash them anyways" - Sask loses DD "None of these games count, IF we had DD we would be 1st"

Go look at any facebook or Twitter post and the comments, they are the most insecure, entitled fan base ive ever seen.