The Hoser's Guide to the 102nd Grey Cup

My (inebriated but detailed) guide to the 102nd Grey Cup weekend based on my experiences from the past eight years:

Flying to YVR on Thursday night, see you there!

The first time I went to Grey Cup I thought it was all about the game so I didn't hit any of the team parties (I didn't even know about them). Then I learned it's actually the other way around!

I wrote up a by day breakdown of which parties are good and which might not be. I also outlined a strategy to get your hands on the Cup at the Fan March because that's really awesome if you haven't done it.

If anyone else has a good tip please let me know and I'll incorporate it.

Way to go! Terrific effort on your part. I intend to reference the Hoser's Guide when I travel to Vancouver on Thursday. Staying till Saturday late-afternoon to watch the parade, and then back home to Vancouver Island. i have a crew coming over on Sunday for the game. I was torn between hosting my own event and being at the actual game. I decided to split the difference by being in Vancouver for the parade and assorted other fan-fest type activities. To this point I was undecided as to which activities that might include, but the Hoser's Guide has given me a whole new direction.

I think you've actually shown more energy and enthusiasm for the project than the entire BC organizing committee. Hate to say it, but they have not managed to create much buzz here. I've lived in Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Alberta, and have never seen such low Grey Cup energy before. I think fingers need to be pointed at the host city organization. They're still trying to peddle end zone seats at $300, and you have to hunt for media stories.

Again, well done!

Thanks! Glad you liked it! Certainly took more work than I had anticipated but I don't like doing things half assed unlike the Vancouver Grey Cup committee. They could have learned a few things from Regina last year. Mainly having all the parties in the Convention Centre and issuing one wrist band for all of them. It made things so much easier and enjoyable.

Tickets are way overpriced this year too. I paid $400 for upper deck at the goal line back in June and was told those were the best available. At the time I thought it was close to selling out and I was late getting my act together but I know now I could have done much better. I'm not surprised about the lack of promotion either. Everything literally looks the same to me as it did in 2011, I think they even dusted off the same website and just updated the logo.

I'd consider running the show next time if they asked. :wink:

Winnipeg should put on a good party next year. A great football city.