I'm not talking about things that are a little lacklustre or that need some adjustments. There are parts of this organization that are HORRENDOUS.

-Tommy Condell
-Dane Evans in the second half
-Tommy Condell
-Special Teams blocking
-Tommy Condell
-Special Teams kicking
-Tommy Condell

Can't stomach him any more. I heard Coach O on AM 900 after the game say that he has no idea why the Cats are so bad in the 4th. He suggested it's "an outside discussion" or "analytics" and not anything that the team is able to address. Unreal. IT'S TOMMY CONDELL!!!!!!! WAKE UP! The play calling in the second half (and as early as the 3 minute warning in Q2) was... HORRENDOUS.

This team is going nowhere.


It’s all the coaches maybe

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Most of this is true, however, Condell’s O is NOT giving up points in the 3rd and4th quarter…

The D is…


Pick 6 a safety and a blocked punt for 6. That’s just today. the D is fine


It's the playcalling it just is.. I really don't see why anyone would want to play in this offence you run back and forth in the backfield across the whole field and start stop your waggle every single play. Your dead tired before the ball is snapped and you can't get your timing right.. It's boring and it's been figured out


You want your offense to be putting up touchdowns and chewing up the clock.


Uh…Yeah…A little bit of both would be nice…

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Can you blame them when the entire second half consists of 2 and outs? Or when we have golden opportunities to put our foot on the Argos throat and we dont? Like being up 17-6 with 51 seconds left in the half starting with good field position and thinking “nah lets run out the clock, nothing good would come from trying to go up 20-6 or 24-6 and receiving the ball first second half.”

Or the numerous 3rd and shorts in argo territory that we decided to punt. D is the only shining star and even Condell is managing to snuff that out


You’re not looking far enough back.
The TiCats started the 2nd quarter with an Evan’s QB sneak for a first down at the T23.
Then 4 yds., gained in two plays, and a 28-yd. FG. The HAM offence, through the rest of that quarter, produced 4 straight 2 and outs.

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That sequence before half-time was infuriating. They had almost a minute to throw a couple of 1st downs and get within FG range. Instead they killed the clock like they thought it was the end of the game or something. A handoff to Jackson for 2 yards and then a 1 yard pass to Dunbar.

What was the thinking or mindset behind this? Truly baffling.


Great ‘Monster Movie’ title. I felt a chill as I clicked on it (don’t read this thread alone or in the dark… on a stormy night).

Review: The “Horrendous” List starring Johnny Depp as the ‘List Keeper’ starts out badly and tapers off. Film director M. Night Shyamalan admits that Depp was a bad choice that only made The “Horrendous” List far worse than anyone could’ve imagined. “He’s the living personification of Horrendous.” Raved Shyamalan, “So naturally I had to cast him in the lead role. I have a gift for making really bad movies you know. Someday Hollywood will figure this out, but so far the investors are still throwing money at me so life is good.”

We couldn’t agree more. The Horrendous List rates three and a half bananas. :grinning: :+1:

I’m not blaming the D at all…but, they are giving up the points on long drives in the 2nd half of games…

They only gave up 18 points yesterday. 17 against BC in the last loss.

Tiger-Cat offense throws way to many passes less than five yards up the field. One incomplete pass usually ends the drive. Worse is when Evans completes two passes and we still have to punt. Evans has happy feet and checks down way too quickly but its clear that often the play call is a quick pass.

Except on second and short when we call a deep pass. This happens a lot!!!

Most deep passes are desperation throws particularly late in the game.

I thought play calling was pretty good in first quarter. Some deep balls to open receivers and using the whole field. However as has been the case for two years, the second half we get really conservative ( do this on D too) and Evans losses composure.

With Bralon out and T White invisible this team needs two upgrades at WR not named Papi


Yup…And we’re 2-6…18 unanswered yesterday after the half…

34-7 after we took a 13-0 lead…

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This is getting so predictable that all of us watching the game in my living room agreed that a collapse was imminent. As a matter of fact probably most other living rooms watching this game came to the same conclusion after the Cats took a 13-0 lead.

The point of continuing to watch was a sort of morbid curiosity as to how they will shoot themselves in the crotch this week.

If the Cats want to establish any trust with the fanbase then they will need to string together a series of wins to prove that they have overcome this 2nd Half jinx. Whether they can turn this around in 2022 is up for debate but there seems to be way too many problems to fix. We might have to wait until the off-season.


I’m thinking off season will be too late.

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Even worse!!!

I can totally understand, I’ve been saying the same thing for two years now. Tommy Condell has to go. But I guess our concerns are not seen by the right people.