the hopes of a awesome season in SK are over

at the start of the year I thought this team was one of, if not ,THE best team in the league. Once again, the lack of a bona fide quaterback has cost the riders a season. Nealon sucks, Crandel sucks and the Riders will once again try to find a way just to make the play-offs. As a huge Rider fan I can not express in words on this forum or anywhere else, the extreme disapointment that the Riders have once again instilled in me. The season that many felt was on the way is done. Now, just to be able to make the play-offs we are looking at haveing to beat edmonton and BC. We've beat only Hamilton and Winnipeg and no one else. Let's face it the Riders SUCK SUCK SUCK SUCK AND SUCK. THEY SUCK. Despite all the promise they will try to find a way to be 9-9. And be lucky to get that. go riders.

Yeah I know how you feel. At least the majority of the hard games now are at home? Then again it will just make it all that harder to take when we lose them. I guess there isn't anything more anyone can say that is encouraging.

one divisional loss - there's still hope!
let's look at the glass 1/2 full - with 6 turnovers (2 on downs) we still had a chance to win.
what's next bc at home then wpg twice. if we're for real, we start winning now.
run the table at home boys

I was trying to tell yuo guys how much you realy suck , but you werent willing to listen

At the start of the season we were dreaming of a home playoff game, now we are just dreaming of making the playoffs.

time for some heads to roll :twisted: :wink: shake it up