The (hopefully not too) Long Offseason

I think we need a new thread for signings etc that'll happen over the next few months. Old thread was getting too long to scroll down. (Sorry Jon!)

We already have many under contract, and hopefully we'll have MOS right away to right the ship.
We signed Neufeld, and just today some tiny DB (5'9 160) who I'd hope also returns kicks with somekind of blazing speed.

What younger players do you see/hope replace the vets that will move on?

I'd like to see Brown take on more reps by taking the #2. So maybe Prukop is gone
RB: Brady will contend for a rushing title, and Augustine is back and provides great depth. Is this the year Miller is replaced? We do have Burtenshaw, but those are BIG shoes to fill.
WR: Will GE aim for a better year healthwise? Will Schoen stick around & build on the legend?Hopefully we can find that big burner we've been missing.
OLine: Sounds like Bryant might be Back? I thought he was one of the most likely to retire. Get DD here, do whatever we need to. Hopefully Dobson grows and improves from this season.
DLine: Does Willie stick around town? JJ too? Jakie? I'd like to see someone unknown step up here next year. We do have 3 younger NI in Lawson, Adamson, and Kapelanski.
LB: One of the areas most hit this year. Biggie done? If he is, I'd love to get him into coaching right away. Maybe a player/coach? Could save some $$!
We'll need help here though, hopefully we can sign someone
DB: Expecting alot of movement here...Hoping Nichols sticks around, Alexander is the leader, Parker did well at the end. Lets see what our draft picks Ford & Rene can do too.


No problem. We needed a free agency or signing thread. We had one last year (Bomber Free Agency Discussion) that had a lot of action through February. From your initial post it appears that is what you are focusing on and I think that is good. You might want to rename it to match last years so we have one every year. I still the the general discussion thread for 2022 should be replaced in 2023, which was the initial plan at least.

It’s early but happy to see Neufeld sign. Jefferson has all but said he will be back. He won’t play anywhere else until he retires. Neither will Bighill. I think Nichols, whom I consider the best DB in the league, is critical to keep. I expect Alexander back as well as the Bombers nursed him through a serious injury knowing he would only play a partial year. Oh, and we need a kicker.

It will be interesting to see how it all plays out over the next few months. As I’ve said before, the Bombers still have a recruiting advantage over any other team. I’m confident they will be a force again next year and probably even the pre season favourites again.


Gasp... still floating... glorp... we need to... belch... keep Augustine... glub... in... in case we... lose Oliveira to... gasp... Free Agency...

As for Pruuuuuualchhh... sorry... coughed up some... sea water there... gasp... Prukop's a bargain... glub... I say we keep... keep him...


As good as Tommy Steven’s in Calgary on Short yardage! As long as we don’t go big brain in Playoff games with him, we should be fine!


1 allstar DL signed, will the other Jeff follow?


The return of Jeffersoncoat. A healthy Coat next year would be a huge bonus.

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Yup, need to re-up most of the protein along with some of the starch add some new veg and refresh our special deserts.

If we do it right we start working on our 2x B2B - B2B (58 - 62) B2B - B2B (19 - 24) in 5 seasons


While we're looking for mighty DL's, what say we take a shot at re-aquiring the 'Stove' we lost last season to the Lions?


You can take Maaax out of the rodent.....But you can't take the rodent out of the Maaax....
Swim Maaax swim you're a dam beaver FFS just swim.... Pork-U-Pine will be at the waterfront waiting to assist you.


As much as I like to see Golden Gophers on the roster, Casey Sayles has been more durable than Richardson and has better stats per game.
Richardson could be a good fit on rotation in place of Ricky Walker though.

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We've got 3 young National Interior DL, and JT to lead them. Sayles has been good, hope to keep him, and maybe another cheap rookie to back him up.
I'd rather spend some $$ on a good experienced LB. We'll have to support Bigghill much more next year.

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Yeah looks like we'll need to bring in at least one new LB to take some of the pressure off of Biggie. Mercy Maston has a huge question mark beside his hame since he suffered that season ending achille's injury during training camp.

There is also in house FA Kyrie Wilson but he too has had injury issues the last 2 seasons. Great player but is he a risk to re-sign?

There are a few free agent LBs out there that could make an impact. Two MLBs out there are Darnell Sankey and Jovan Santos Knox (depending on what Bighill decides to do) and one SLB in Kameron Kelly. Wouldn’t mind seeing any one of those three in Blue and Gold.

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Sounds good to me. Stick 'em on Kyle Walters' neg list and lob it onto his desk ASAP.

Neufy, Willie, Biggie, Mikey....who's next?

Lawrence and Pierce too. As well as Jake Thomas today. I'm guessing Hardrick or Jeffcoat next.

I don’t believe that Buck Pierce was re-signed, he just stated that he wasn’t interested in a head coaching position anywhere. He is comfortable in his role and at home in Winnipeg.

I was wondering if this is where we, as Bomber fans want to discuss our team? There are topics coming up, like Jake Thomas signing today that I posted to.

It would be good to discuss all things Blue and Gold in one thread.

Any thoughts on this any and all Bomber fans?

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I'm good with discussing all signings on this thread. Nothing wrong with making a quick comment on the other threads that players signed in either though.

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