The Hitchpass

Is it just me, or does anyone else notice there are a lot of hitchpasses being thrown and it's just not working?

The hitchpass work well after a few long balls. As it mimics a fly pattern that then stops short and even a step back towards the ball.

The major thing needed with short passes is downfield blocking after the catch.

We tried a "Hitch-pass" on 3rd down in Calgary. Fleming's "pass" to "Hitch" got intercepted...

Nothing is working on offence.

The hitch will eventually start to work.

Like anything else (ex: beer) when used in moderation the hitch pass is just as effective as any other play that compliments the offence. However, when used over and over again, there ain’t enough beer in the fridge to fool anyone into not seeing it coming.

Please bury the hitch pass, it doesn't work, it never worked, and every other in team in the CFL is expecting it from Hamilton.


thank you

Paopao has always used that play too much and more often than not at the worst time.

I think it's OK on first down, or second and short, but as with everything, should be used in moderation. A balanced attack with good execution is the best way to move the football.

The key to any hitch is the blocking by the receivers, the ability to get the defense to play loose, and the ability of the QB to get the ball out there in a hury. We have not always be proficient in all these aspects, and as a result not always gained much.

not working....

ti-cats need to be more creative on calling the offence....


none of the lancaster family is calling the plays now right??

It's just you.

No, it's not...I'm just in a bad mood because of it (the hitch pass I mean)