The hit on DD!

After watching the play again, I don't believe it was a dirty or intentional hit. A large part was due to the fact that Jimenez pushed Perry and prob caused him to go into DD where he did. I also think any injury was caused when DD hit his head on the ground.

The second clip is in Slomo.( prob should started it a bit later though.) :lol:

Good Job Ro. I don't see anything illegal there.He did not make contact with Dickenson's head. And he was pushed a little by Jimenez.

How can you see he didn't make contact with DD's head? He hit him helmet to helmet!

More like helmet to shoulder

I dont think that was ditry at all Buono should stop complaining

pennw quote: " Seeing the video of the hit that hurt him, it was deliberate leading with helmet to helmet shot by Fred Perry that went unnoticed/ignored by the refs . That is one of those shots that the league is supposed to have cracked down on . And then Murphy gets the roughing penalty shortly after. Now what does that make Perry - a dirty player/cheap shot artist?
Hope Wally sends a complaint of that one to the league .
Anyone would have been hurt by that shot."

please watch the video's.

is the neck considered part of the head? if not then this hit is legal.

and whether or not this hit is legal i don't see it as being a dirty hit.

p.s. is jiminesz mad at dave for not getting him a better contract like he did for murphy?

The chin is the worst part. That was definitely the chin.

The chin isn't part of the helmet last i checked.

The helmet covers the chin idiot.

Doesn't matter if it was a hit to the head or not (even though it clearly was) since he lead with his helmet, which is against the rules, therefor a dirty hit.

Thanks Toronto. The Rider fans say clean hit. Lion fans say illegal hit. You are unbiassed.

FYI CKNW Radio has reported that Wally has already sent the film clip into the league.

Stay tuned!

It wasnt dirty, like I said in the other post, if it had been Brent Johnson hitting KJ in that exact way, I would feel the same way. I think a big part of what happenned was that DD had stepped up to throw...

It seems Wally Buono is getting annoyed that DD always seems to get hit good when they play the Riders. Remember Jackie Mitchell's hit on him last year?

And I am being honest about my opinion.

Are you ok? Why the name calling?

If you look at ro's slow motion video, Perry actually leaves his feet and delivers the INITIAL blow with the top of his helmet. By previous years / games standards, that should have been a roughing the passer call. I'm like R&W2005, I don't particularly like the rule, but if other players have been flagged and fined for similar actions.........

In fact, if my memory is correct, didn't somebody get fined for a helmet hit on Kevin Glenn last year?

Don't understand the logic of Buono crying the is guy who two weeks ago said what happens on the field should stay on the field.

It is easy to sit back and watch a video at slow motion that was taken from the stands and provide commentary. What the video doesn't show, is the impact that Jimenez had on Perry momentium.

While I feel sorry for Dave, he has had concussion problems before and a feather could give him one now. Clean hit, no penality and it should be case closed.

If the league re-opens this, it will be like last year in Saskatchewan's game against Toronto...where they needed to back down after reviews and appeals by Saskatchewan players.

There was no impact Jimenez had, Perry had beaten him.

Not sure what video you are watching....

We are watching the same are watching it with Green Coloured glasses, and I am watching it with Orange coloured glasses.

If there is no fine, then obviously you have the best glasses! If Perry gets fined, then my glasses have the best view!

Sporty and TO why do you bother with these mental giants. You show them the video and they see what they want. Mike does see it and he then comes up with a lame excuse. Yes I hate these calls because frankly this is part of football. But because the ruling is in place this was a dirty hit and he should face the penalty. I am sorry the chin is part of your head and that clearly shows him getting hit on the chin. Do not like these but thats the way I see it. No excuses ha ha ha ha