The hiring of Ozzy (Paul Osbaldiston)

…it was a stroke of genius in my opinion to bring Ozzy (Paul Osbaldiston) into the mix. He has not only helped coach the new kickers, especially the punter from the land of Aussie (no pun intended) with the nuances of the Canadian game, he also brings to the table knowledge of the entire special teams part of the Tiger-Cat package. He knows the history of this team, has proved he is a winner and can’t help but be the best guy for the job.

I’ve watched him on the sidelines during the games I’ve been at this year and it’s clear he’s got the respect of the entire team and takes his role very seriously. I hope he patrols those sidelines for many years to come. Now, any chance we can get guys like Carl Coulter to put on a coaching hat?

That’s what we need going forward. Knowledge, experience, respect and a sense of history…rookies, or relative newbies always love and respond to leaders like that. 8)

…it’s a rich learning environment for them and a total win-win.

Happy Sunday all !


No question this helps to make a winning team but then again, if the other team is better and can win with in-fighting etc. well, that's the way it can be sometimes even though that's not the formula for success as a rule.