the hill brothers ... not our problem!

From experience, I am without doubt that your sentiments will relax as you mature in age NWO and perhaps father impressionable children. Most of your foolish friends will fall, with a little push, by the wayside. Parenting generates wisdom.

R U done?

The issue here is not whether I've had a few too many drinks or not, the issue is that tillman and austin told him that no alcohol or your out. Personally, if I were playing football or was doing ANY sort of job that I truly loved, i wouldn't jeopardize my career for a drink. Maybe you would? :?

Ronfromtigertown said "You must be confusing the CFL for the NFL It's not like Hakim is swimming in money."

I'm not confused, hes still making money to play football...I'm not sure about your situation, but I definitely don't get paid to catch a football. :wink:

Agreed and well-said

Im hoping Desjardin is reading this thread so he doesn't hesitate to pull the trigger on Armour...whose current charges are just a little worse than bribing a cop.

I mean if this is where cat fans stand then let's dump his ass right now and save him and the team a load of hassle trying to get a man currently facing charges across the border.


Maybe the off season is too long and some of the players get bored and start doing stupid things. Maybe they should extend the season by three months. :wink:

This explains everything doesn’t it. Glad they’re not our problem. I could see this coming from far especially after “The Thrill” missed the team plane. Trouble, trouble, trouble!

thanks yoda. i hope i can one day age as wise as you seem to have.....and feel the need to indicate it every chance you get. save your backhanded advice for people that cant see how full of (*&^ you really are.

I certainly wouldnt want our dressing rooms to be like they are in the NFL .You certainly dont want your kids walking in their !!!!

The rooms are full of players with pending charges such as rape , drug charges , DUI and gun charges . I mean how many Benglal and Charger players are up against thses type of problems right now ?? It`s funny but the NFL never seems to address these problems . I mean the Bears had a player in the Super Bowl who us facing gun charges . Why was he allowed to play ??

The CFL is certainly not squeaky clean but it`s a hell of a lot better than down thier !!!

Which makes your everyday fan think, can you win with just nice guys on your team?

habman you make no sense. those same "criminals" are snatched up as soon as a cfl team can get a chance to get at them. suspended players arrested players you name it. i know you want so badly to put the nfl down thinking somehow the cfl is different but the fact is the cfl has no drug testing and no security system in place. the nfl on the otherhand does. i love the cfl as much as the next guy but stop trying to make outrageous blanket statements. i know thats your thing but it gets tired.

i mean we just had a guy get thrown in prison because he was sleeping with girls while knowingly having aids. i guess you want to hire these guys as babysitters for your kids. lol. again your too much.

NWO , please buddy, you have to learn to relax . The constant put downs to anyone who disagrees with you is getting a little boring dont you think ??? I guess it makes you feel better does it ??

 I never said the CFL was lilly white i said it pails in comparison to the NFL and the NBA for that matter . One team in the NFL has more criminals, uhhhh, sorry, I mean players, getting into trouble in a few months than the CFL has in 5 yrs . If you want to believe that it reflects society in general go ahead, but I doubt many would agree . 

I am a football fan period , I watch all football and yes that includes CIS ( especially MAC ) So im not one of those guys who constantly put down the NFL .If you dont think there is a problem down thier then thats your right, but .......

habman if you cant understand that the nfl has more players and intense media coverage that glorifies all occurences then i cant help you. this year alone hamilton has had a couple run ins with the law. sask. and toronto. these are the ones that are covered by the media. i dont think you realize how negative you are toward the nfl and anything american. its annoying because without the nfl buddy you wouldnt have the cfl to watch. so you better try and accept that the cfl at least today is dependent on the league you think is full of criminals. by the way as soon as one of those criminals are cut you dont have to hold your breath to know where they are coming next. the good ol cfl baby!!

HUH ???? . I dont think the problem is me being anti American , I think it`s you not wanting to be pro Canadian .

Ive been to many NFL games and have been known to spend many a Sunday on the couch watching football all day long . So please dont tell me what I`m for or against, thank you !!!!

A guy causuing a prolem in a bar is a whole lot easier to understand than guys beating up thier wives and GFS and getting into problems with drugs and weapons dont you think ?? Unless your the type of person who thinks OJ didnt murder his wife and Kobe didnt rape that woman . Just read the paper NWO and you`ll get my drift . By the way thier are alot of players in the NHL , how come thier not getting caught with gun charges ??

you dont get habman. have you ever taken sociology. obviously not. i dont want to get into a sociological debate on the differences between football and hockey. the irony is that hockey has all out assaults take place every game while people cheer them on. but you will gladly take your kids down and get autographs in the lockeroom. maybe your not anti american maybe your just racist. i cant figure you out habman but as usual you are a walking contradiction i dont think you see you all of your arguements overlap eachother. just for fun i would love to know how old you are.