the hill brothers ... not our problem!

here's an interesting story:
it seems ex-argo hakim hill and his older brother khalil, the ex-ticat (both are now the property of the saskatchewan roughriders), found themselves on the wrong side of the law recently.
hakim, in particular, has trouble telling the difference between a COP and a CAB.
but then his blood-alcohol level was three times the legal limit ...
one must wonder what eric tillman will have to say about this.
in regina, in particular, they are very concerned about the good behaviour of their players. i mean, when was the last time a cfl team had a player sentenced to 51/2 years in prison. or have a star running back allegedly punch people out at a nightclub.
here's the link:

[url=] ... 01-ON.html[/url]

Hakim Hill was released by the Riders late Thursday night.

His brother won't be Far Behind..

thats too bad. I guess thats what happens to some people when they start making money while playing the sport they love. They forget where they came from and you see things like this.

? nobody here has gotten drunk. im not condoning the behaviour but i would hardly act like this is a big deal. i think if he was released it would be due to past occurences and the teams recent troubles not this event alone. derubemi you are acting like you have never had too many before. like i said the story is embarrassing but lets keep it in perspective.

Yeah....a few too many. To the point he offered money to a cop to drive him somewhere.

is that crimnial? could have been said as a joke and the cop decided to be a dick. either way like i said i dont condone it and the guy past isnt that great but i dont think this is evidence of what a jerk he is and an example of what happens when "people start making money when they play a sport the love"

I don't see anything too criminal here. I live in Ottawa and you can see University students doing things worse than this every night!

You must be confusing the CFL for the NFL

It's not like Hakim is swimming in money.

When did he get his last CFL rookie
cheque from the Argos anyways, derubemi?


These guys are always in trouble...really not surprised.

I took these quote from the story
that dealt with Hakim Hill's hiring.

[url=] ... &nid=15307[/url]

When Saskatchewan signed Hakim, Austin said
he was eager to vouch for Hill.

"Hakim told me he has not had a drink
since September 2005,'' said Austin.

"This is not a character issue.

If I thought in any way Hakim
had not turned his life around,

I would not be bringing him here.

"Do you want to be the arbiter?

We look at the most recent past and look at
the individual away from the substance.

Hakim knows that if it turns into an issue,
he won't be here.

It means that he will be accountable,
but it also means we're looking ahead,
not at his past.''

So a little more than a week later
it is quite apparent that Hakim
doesn't have his life under control

If it was my decision to release him
I would do the same. It's Bye Bye Time.


Look a the trouble the Argos had.

Hill, played only four games for the Argonauts in 2005.

They tried several times to get approval
from the authorities in the U.S. A.
to keep him in Canada despite his many
DUI charges in Arizona, and then placed him
on their suspended list.

The Argonauts' tried to bring him back in 2006

"The authorities red-flagged him
and said he was a high risk.

Argos hired a service to help with this.
They appealed to the immigration board.
It was turned down. They appealed again
and it was turned down a second time.

Eric Tillman should have his head examined for ever signing these brothers (and other headcases like Craig Yeast) in the first place.

It is only a matter of time before Khalil and Craig also do something equally stupid to get themselves axed.

With jokers like this vying for jobs in Regina, expect the Riders to reside in the CFL basement in 2007.

Good luck, Austin. I hope Mosaic Field has a time-out-room.

Meh, it's not the end of the world. Not the brightest move and he probably was just trying to be funny, but offering money to a cup for any reason can be pretty stupid. Based on his past history I'm not surprised he was released though. It's sad that a guy that young and talented can't keep it together.

You truly are amazing, TAS a few minutes reflecting on this signing
and you made a better decision than poor old Eric Tillman
who "made this contract after hours and hours of discussion
with Hakim, his representative, his parents and others close to him."

It is only a matter of time before Khalil and Craig also do something equally stupid to get themselves axed.

With jokers like this vying for jobs in Regina,
expect the Riders to reside in the CFL basement in 2007.

Good luck, Austin. I hope Mosaic Field has a time-out-room.

My sympathies go out to all Rider fans, TAS
if you keep throwing long bombs for touchdowns
with you awesome proven powers of prediction.

As radio's Paul Harvey here
to hear (long pause) ...the r-r-r-rest of the story!"

Thanks for proving my point for me, RFTT. If Tillman can't identify a headcase even after those supposedly "extensive interviews" you allude to, he is definitely a poor judge of character, just like I said.

And if you don't think Khalil and Yeast are headcases after what they both did in Hamilton, you are about as good at judging "character" as Tillman is.

Finally, it is not very difficult to "predict" a disaster when the ingredients for the disaster are all thrown into the same basket. I may not have Tllman's experience as a CFL GM, but I do have common sense.

The character growth of our youth and in particular our youthful sports fans is greatly affected by adult acceptance of despicable acts by pro athletes they worship. The responsibilty of dealing with players like those mentioned in this thread must be shared by the selfish owners and management of athletic organizations and the adult fans of sport, if our children are to grow with integrity. If the majority of mature fans had their priorities in order, and demanded seedy characters be rejected initially or discarded immediately by all teams, society would be a better place. Children learn acceptance from adults.

No doubt, some oppose this view. Dare I say those who do are probably either a learning child or one whose ulterior motive is fraught with self preservation.

More could be said about this topic at this time but I'm sure you get the

Perhaps NWO is only arguing devils advocate but I feel he like some other here are a way off base to argue in favour of letting crap like this slide. I know I want to be rooting for players with integrity when I go to the park, and so do the children.

Laughinghard if you read my post you would have understood that i am not condoning it in any way. the incident by itself is minor and could happen to anyone. i dont think it is indicative of the moral errosion of society. if you are teaching your kids that athletes are more than human beings that do not make mistakes then perhaps you are more of a contributing factor to the moral errosion in society than you think. I was not asking to let this slide i was however asking for everyone to put this in perspective. its obvious that this incident would not be as damning to another player or another organization. his ultimate dismissal was because of his past incidents and broken promises. i think it is important to understand that children also learn forgiveness from adults and why cant people have a second chance or a fresh start? hill had his and he blew it. but there are many stories of people that have made the best of it. finally, what is wrong with how the organization handled this? they gave him an opportunity after talking with him. he didnt hold on to his part of the bargain. now he is gone. how does this lack integrity?...........oh yeah i talked to the children they dont want you as their spokesman anymore. apparently you volunteered and were never asked. can you get fired if you were never hired??? anyway you're fired.

The bottom line is that people like professional athletes and other such highly visible top level entertainers and role models are through which dreams of both children and adults live. There are enough talented people to go around. If they can't maintain a high public standard of professionalism and representation, who needs them? Replace them.

Forgiveness is not a reward. A child may forgive his father for smoking dope rather than taking him to the ballgame but he won't hardly forget that his father accepts smoking dope. When adults don't effectively restrict poor behavior, that means they condone it. Condoning poor choice, reeks havoc on the level of respect in society. Society degrades. eg: Would you like it if your local police force hired 'felons'? Something tells me that for some selfish reason, you wouldn't.

When one accepts a job they inherit the responsibily that goes with it. A professional performer is not exempt. Screw up and you deserve to be fried! Taunt the law and 'fired!' better enter the picture.

I'm done. I've said my piece.

they are sport athletes not role models for your kids. if you want to teach your kids how to be a man or woman take some responsibilty on yourself. this is not to say that i think athletes should have free reign to do what they please but if you want to point your finger at anyone blame yourself for catapulting these athletes to such high levels where your kids look to them as a moral compasses. yeah they do have a responsiblity to act accordingly and represent the organization in a way that makes the city proud but you are responsible for raising your own kids. people make mistakes....not just athletes but people. you lack a very basic understanding of people and i hope one day when you make a mistake that the person pulling the strings on the other end has a little more compassion than you. actually i hope hes just like you. lol.

there's no denying that hakim hill has talent.
anyone remember the very first play of his cfl career ? it came against the ticats in an exhibition game, in halifax, on the first play of the game — and he went wide with the ball and absolutely drilled dedric mathis into next week. just obliterated him along the sidelines.
i think dedric was finished for the day after that smack.
hakim could run, block and catch the rock. he was the total package.
i hope he gets it together, for his own sake. he may not have any more chances to be a pro football player, but he's still gotta live his life.