The Highlight Play last night.........

Had to be Brock Ralph's "foot catch". Did that really happen or were my eyes deceiving me?

I mean, have you ever seen a catch like that?.....a guy laid out on his back, sticks his legs up and snags a pass? Do they practice that? :lol:

It was funny to watch as the last time I saw something like that was when Gerry Cheevers played net for the Boston Bruins..... :cowboy:

Mikey, your positive attitude is commendable, but after the last two home games there is not one play to talk about with any fond memories.

It was a great catch though. Too bad it wasn't in the endzone (or even a first down).

actually he caught it with his hands!
there are no highlites when your team only score 2 POINTS!
you are way too positive with this team Mikey

Yeah, I know he ended up catching it with his hands but if I saw it correctly, he had his legs in the air and it rolled down his leg into his hands... :lol:

and yeah, we got spanked last night but I did like that one play especially (for entertainment value if nothing else)..... :stuck_out_tongue:

8) The only highlight play I saw last night was that spectacular, over the head catch by Arlan Bruce of the Argos !!!! As far as the Cats are concerned, they have given us absolutely no highlites at all in the last 2 home games !!!!!

That Arlan Bruce catch was like a DA missle with AB radar on it.

It was right in front of us,I couldn't believe how he actually caught it ,no way!

We're going to still beat the Argos this year in a game when they need it....
The two points kind of need it.

Oh the Brock Ralph catch ?!!!!

I love this guy!

The "other" highlight play to me was when Pat Fleming nearly scored a TD when he chased that punt into the endzone. I sit at the other end of the stadium and I thought he had it! It was some great hustle anyway.

Seeing Vince Neil...
Should gone to see him and Skiped the Game

Yes, that was amazing catch by Brock Ralph in what was an otherwise uninspired and underprepared performance by the Ticats in the biggest game of the year.

However, the highlight play of the game was early in the game when the referee ruled that Damon Allen's fumble was an incomplete pass. That play created the first negative vibe in the stadium. With the subsequent inept performance of the Ticat offence, that negative vibe lingered and grew as the game wore on.

Yep!...that almost worked too!....the returner looked shocked... :lol:

Now that you mention the kicking game, how about that "almost miracle" field goal attempt?.....the replay showed that Eakin pretty much had to stand right up to field the ball, get back down and spot the ball while Jamie had to put the brakes on and then take a wild swipe at the ball way off darn near went through too! (lucky the big return got called back)

there were lots of almost interceptions and other great hilights-but only on defense. other than a few good ranek runs the best offensive player was fleming.

Yes the Allen fumble and the grab on Flick on a sure TD were highlight plays for me . Especially when they always seem to go against us !!!!!

Another highlight of sorts was when the ball hit Shaw in the numbers and he showd again that he was one of recievers from the 1-17 year .

He just can't catch or rather he needs an change in attitude ...."I can catch the ball as well as the reciever,I'm not just here to knock the ball and the reciever down ...It's my ball!!"

How about when they toss the mini footballs in the crowd... its the only time i stand up!

I think the Brock Raplh catch is a suitable offensive highlight because of its value as a metaphor for the whole night. An outstanding, highlight reel effort gained us all of ... TWO YARDS. In other words, even if everything goes perfectly, the plays we choose still are not anywhere near close enough for a first down. It's hard to win when "Plan A" is two-and-out.

The MacMaster cheerleading squad rocked as usual!!

They're good!

When I didn't watch the game.

Both the Ralph and Bruce catches were great. But my pick would be the catch the Mac cheerleaders made of one of their girls in their routine.

I was about ten yards away from that (give or take... lol) the returner only touched it (with his knee down) about a half second before Flemming got to it... SO CLOSE!... lol

woulda made the game interesting, thats for sure.