The Heckler

You know, you make it really hard for the fans who want to talk to players or get their autograph. There is only this one chance while they are in town.
Yet, the players will not even look over, because you keep calling them stupid idiots, and other fine examples of class in front of kids. Way to represent Hamilton.
Thanks buddy.

I like this post.

It spells things out quite nicely for those of us in the silent majority in my opinion…

why post this on a message board to people who mostly dont know what you tlaking about?

Why not tell it to his face instead?

Go find him, and heckle him just like the episode of Seinfeld.

No, it should be posted here and anyone who has ever sat close to the Ti-Cats bench, even 50 rows up, can still heare the obsenities shouted at those players. It happens even when they are winning. Like I said in another post, I know those are already box seats and more expensive, but they should cost even more to keep away the drunks who would rather spend the extra money on booze.

Might I add we need Security guards who don't look like they would cry if you looked at them funny and get guys like that out of there if they can't keep their mouths shout.

Like I said, Booing works just find. It's the only word you have to say and every player on that field feels it. Keep the swearing and nonsense to yourselves. There are kids in the stands and this is after all , all about them. It's even worse when their own kids are sitting right beside them - screaming too.

Be a role model buddy, or go stand in the old Bud zone and drink yourself into a stupor.

Speaking of Bud Zone, what ever happened to that? It seemed a lot of people had fun. Now you can smoke on both sides of the North stands it seems so it can't be that it takes up too much room. Although it could be that the workers were getting smoked out. lol It get's pretty thick over there.

There is only this one chance while they are in town.
Sounds like Mona is referring to the Visitors bench...but the same points hold true.

Next time though, go to security or the Police. They will tell the person to their face as they lead them out of the stadium.

Ahh yes. The one chance. I didn't clue into it being the visitors bench.

You are right, you have to nip it in the bud.

As professionals they should be tuning this all out anyway, but when our own players leave the city because of the heckling, I think we have a problem.

By the end of the game, they were policing the visitor bench.
Troy Davis, always the gentleman,
did autographs early… Thanks to Troy.
The problem about players tuning hecklers out, is they also tune out the fans. If I am sitting near the loudmouth, then they stand even farther away.

P.S. Young women do not challenge 200 pound drunk men.

Holy Heckler Batman!

The Heckler.

Sounds like a Batman villain.

Mikey, are you saying you’re silent. :wink:

P.S. Young women do not challenge 200 pound drunk men.
dont know about young women, but small women can. I saw my pint sized mother take one down with a hammer to the forehead from about 7 feet away. Guy got up after a few minutes meek as a lamb and just went to bed, heh heh