The Hammer

Let a fan carry the Hammer out on to the field!! With how pathetic this season has been we deserve it as much as a player would.

More. There have been some good performances but the fans have shown consistent grit in putting up with the overall garbage on the field


moreno or lumsden


Shut up? great response, I was commenting on how loyal the fans have been, but you can carry it out since your a hammer head

Not a class act at all.

Really? All you people want to do is bitch about how pathetic the team is this year and God hoping they actually pick it up and get on a bit of a roll, you will all of a sudden be riding the wagon again, I have absolutely no problem with praising the fans, I have a problem with all you fair weather fans starting all this bullshit about how 'pathetic' the Cats are the classless acts!

0-5 isnt pathetic? it was horrible every year it happens and as a season ticket holder i sit through it win or lose. That what i love about this board, we are allowed to be passionate about our team as long as your arent negative.

Thats not how it came across. It still doesn't come across as anything good

Here's what I'm getting at ( I know, apparently I'm the Hammer Head but, maybe you can get this one through your thick skull) We are on a Ti-Cats forum and YOU are saying that the Cats are pathetic, doesn't sound like there is a whole lot of passion there to me and I am the one that is negative for defending the team I love. makes a lot of sense...I bet you are Leafs fan too...until about the middle of November when they fall apart, then I'm sure you tell all your friends how pathetic the Leafs are not a passionate fan at all, quite the opposite actually. You are a BANDWAGON JUMPER! We can argue this one all day if you like but, I would just keep coming up with valid points.

A bandwagon jumper that goes to every game, buy all the gear, drive in from out of every game on tv...yep thats me bandwagon My point is that if this season contiues the way it started at some point it would be a nice gesture to let a fan carry out the Hammer. And yes I still believe our start to the season is pathetic consider the talent we have and changes we have made.

Most Fan who read the Fourms have an unwriten rule about posts here .
Untill have over 100 your point is kind of moot.

Actually I've been a Leafs fan for more than 45 years and I'll tell you they aren't very good right now. Me a bandwagon jumper? Boy have you got the wrong guy. You are still making yourself look bad BTW

I have more than that with this username but thats not the point. 500 posts from now he'll still be the same guy

WOW! I don't even know where to begin with that are so much more wise and experienced than those of us with under 100 posts, I'm sorry, I will just SPAM my way to 100 posts, that way, no toes are stepped on and I can still get to the 100 so I FINALLY make some kind of valid impact on this here forum....You are impressive!

He's wrong to bring that up, even if it were true ( and its not IMO ) you'd still be way off base

Argoconvert, I actually understand believe it or not that people may be seeing this as way of base...I just really don't understand how someone can call the team 'pathetic' and somehow still be a die-hard fan? Believe me I've been in this spot plenty of times, I'm a Bruins, 49ers and Red Sox (Yes, I know they've done OK the last few years but, before that, c'mon) fan and I have never once said anything terrible about my teams except for 'yeah, they're having a tough time but, 'pathetic' it's a little harsh to me to say about a team that you love so much. Maybe that will help all of you understand my point a little more (moot or not) and if not, I'm sorry, I have no better way of explaining it.

Mostly because they ARE pathetic. Being a fan doesn't mean being blind

I think there's quite the misunderstanding here. Just because some of us believe or perceive that our team is playing "pathetically" does not make us "bandwagon jumpers". To be classified one of those...we'd only root for the Cats when they win games (which in itself is a rarity). During losing times (more the norm) bandwagon jumpers would be rooting for some other team that's on winning streak.

If anything...we're realists. Maybe pessimists too. But the fact remains...we're fond of our home team which has been playing rather badly for quite sometime and feel we have the right to complain about it.