The Hammer Zone!!

It seems all the good football teams have their end zone cheering sections like the Steel Curtain Fans in Pittsburgh or the Cheese Heads in Green Bay, The Gang Green in Regina, I think the Cats should have The Hammer Zone instead of the end zone and set the tone for the new Tim Hortons Field and hey since the end zones will be party patios anyway it will be a great place to celebrate when the Cats score a TD, field goal or Big Defensive play like a QB Sack or interception.

Since the media like TSN already refers to Tiger-Town as the "Hammer" how fitting that the end zones could be called "The Hammer Zones" and lets put our stamp on the new Tim Hortons Field and the Hamilton Tiger-Cats!!

What do Tiger-Cat fans think or what would your idea be?


Nice idea however the Ticats can’t make any money from company endorsements by naming them that. They already have the “sponsored” byt paying companies.

Yes, money talks, if the money is there it could be the Target endzones really, all about who ponies up.

I Like it BIGCAT!!! :thup: