The Hamilton Tiger-Cats

Do not give up on the Tiger-Cats! They will improve. We must rally behind them (unless they are going against your team that week).

The entire country needs to adopt the Cats like a 3rd world sponsered child:

Cheer them on!

Go to their Games!

Buy their Merchandise!

Spread the Love for the Tiger-Cats!

Otherwise they will be done by the time we get Ottawa back.

Ticats 4 Life! Printers is gonna be insane good this year. im confident the Cats will be over .500 this year!

Just because one person posted a topic about the Tiger-Cats folding do not think of this as an issue. Sure the attendance sucked for the home opener but there were a number of factors, including the chance of rain, fed up season ticket holders that are protesting the team (which they have every right to do) and people that were fed up with the price increase this year.

Some season tickets went up by as much as $200 per seat. Would you pay that much more to see a team that is perennial losers.

To think that people are giving up on the team is absolutely incorrect. The Hamilton Tiger Cats are fine. To think that they are going to fold by the time Ottawa gets back in the league is laughable.

We have plenty of love for our team here. Some fans are just protesting seat costs and poor product. There is not a single team in the CFL that has not gone through this before.

Maybe you should stop treating the Cats like a 3rd world sponsor child and see that the support is already in place. Thanks for the offer but we do not need your help.

we do not need your help
there is a term for people too proud to accept help

in the CFL, we all need each others help. Every time one team is struggling, fanwise, fans in other cities who are not seasons ticket holders can show support by going to see that team when they come to town. Also puts more money in their owners pockets so that they can better help if that team ever needs assistance. This is our league, and we can all work together to keep it alive.

I understand that we all must keep the league together for the entire league to be prosperous. I respect, understand, and participate in that at every game I go to.

However it is one week into the season and there are two threads about the Tiger-Cats and how terrible things are here in Hamilton. It just gets a little tiring having to endure five years (basically 9) of ineptitude on the field and now having to listen to it on the forum. It does not make for an enjoyable season and we are just entering week 2. If the Tiger-Cats start out with 5 straight losses I understand but please lay off until that happens. We appreciate your concern but week one does not determine the season.

for me, its not the losses that concern me. This team will turn it around and be better by the end, I am sure (he said with fingers crossed). What concerns me is all the talk from ticat fans who say they are ticket holders but will not be anymore.

Yes, everything is premature right now. That being said, correct me if I'm wrong but discussion boards are for that, discussing issues which includes "what if" scenarios, even if they might be negative and not constructive or what have you. One of the problems with a discussion board I have to admit, people's minds do roam and are allowed to roam to a certain degree.

Go Cats Go!

I sure don't see any panic in the Hammer..I hope Bob Young stays the course with this team....and there is no evidence at present that he wouldn't....This league needs to stay strong and keep all of its present teams and owners...especially with a stranger coming to town in the form of the Bills..I believe the Cats are on the verge of turning the cornor.( i know alot of their faithful have heard that one before)...but really ...they have a competent gm in O'Billy....a star-type qb. in Printers.... but what they really need most is time...and they'll get it together... :thup:

I would not be concerned about the Ticat fans that say they will not come back. We used to get 12,000 max at the games, you could not even give away free tickets. The ones that say they are gone forever will be waiting in line to hop on that wagon again. The Cats will be back and all of us fans that are sticking it out through the tough years will be able to look back and laugh.

pap, blacking out 2 games to get an extra $100,000 in supposed revenues coming from this, is to me, a slight hint of looking ahead as to what could be. As well as articles in the local paper about the stadium, articles in the front section of the paper, not just sports.

As I mentioned to someone else a while back, blackouts are nothing to be afraid of. Edmonton and a 50 mile radius are regularly blacked out for the majority of Esk home games, but we still regularly lead the league in attendance, with plenty of young folks like myself in the stands.

All Lions home games are blacked out and always have been. Very rarely they will lift it if they sell 40,000+ before game day. That's nothing to worry about.

Hamilton will be fine. They are going through a rough spot is all. Every team has been there. We sucked for most of the 70s and still survived. Hamilton will too.

Earl, can you describe the nature of some of those articles about the stadium? It would be most interesting to see what is being written about the stadium in the local papers.

lol im from hamilton.. ive bin a fan for 20 years... i went to the pretty much all the games.. i also went to the home opener... and i can tell you this.. the fans have had enough.. i myself have never left a game until its over and there 00:00 on the clock... for the first time in 6 years i left before the 4th quarter was over.. i cant tale it anymore... eithe rcan the rest of us.. sittin in box j where all the season ticket holder are.. all left aswell.. it seriously feels like we've all given up hope.. i stand by my ticats and will continue to support them but i dont know how much more the fans can take.. i mean.. 21 thousand people at a home opener.. first time in 31 years since its happend in hamilton.. and fans leaving before the 4th quarter starts? im scared to see what the next home attendance is going to be if we loose tn in toronto :frowning: i love my cats and wish them the best but dam we need to win.. enough rebuilding.. weve bin saying that since 2005... its hard to be a cats fan anymore.. everywun walks over us and looks down.. we r the laughing stock of the CFL and its EMBARASSING!

I don't see an awful lot of people making fun of Hamilton fans. On the contrary, I see a fair bit of praise for those gutting it out.

East, basically the articles are indicating that the current stadium, Ivor Wynne, while quite functional, is not going to cut it for the Ti-Cats for a whole heck of a lot longer. I'll see if I can find a link to the latest online article in the first section the other day.

While I personally don't mind the stadium at all and love going to games there, I have to agree with the overall sense that Hamilton and the TiCats will be left behind in the new CFL emerging with newer stadiums out there quite possibly and refurbished ones that are an asset to cities image rather than just being a place to go watch some football for 3 hours or so.

Rick Quinten of CKNW mused out loud today that the Ti-Cats could easily have another 1-17 season this year.

I guess he ll be hoping they dont win another one. Taffe might win coach of the year I knew he could do it I never doubted him

Now that Hamilton demolished the Argos should we be talking about folding the Argos, combining the Argos and Cats, building them a new 35,000 seat stadium in Hamilton and calling them the Hamilton Argo-Cats???


Bite your tongue.. ANY amalgamation would warrant a Catonaughts title... bleh!