The Hamilton Tiger-Cats Select _________?

“you can never have enough Canadian talent on the O-Line” …which is the big problem with this Canadian content rule. Find as many big hulking Canadians as you can and stick them on the O-Line to try to meet the content rule.

What about Carson Rockhill? He was an Oline draft pick. Won't he be coming to camp this year?

You have to be careful with Calgary Dino linesmen. They are extremely well coached but not many of them have made an impression in the CFL. you have to go back to Dan Federkeil in 2006 to find one who made an impact as a pro (NFL).

OL: Richard Yalowsky drafted #7
OL: Mark Dewit drafted #42
OL: Dylan Steenbergen drafted #7
OL: Paul Swiston drafted #24
OL: Alex Krausnick drafted #26
OL: Kirby Fabien #7
OL: Carson Rockhill #13

And I wonder how much of an impact Ottawa joining the league will have on picks outside of the 1st round?
Is it an advantage to take a guy who has school eligability in regards to player protection I wonder?

What I'm curious about is how do they get four NCAA juniors if the other teams make a rush for them. I know its unlikely but there are 17 of them what if they are all gone before their final pick ? That would make the league look stupid.