The Hamilton Tiger-Cats Select _________?

Who do you think the Cats will select first overall in this years draft?

IMO this pick has to be dedicated to fixing the lines. Our non-import OLmen aren't getting any younger and losing Rottier really hurt us last year. Or we could look on the defensive line and grab another non-import we desperately need.

I'm a bit of a homer so I am hoping to see us take either Matt Sewell or Ben D'Aguilar.

Just a FYI, 9 out of the top 10 prospects listed on are linemen.

The best offensive or defensive lineman available who wants to play in the CFL (no NFL aspirations).

I would like to see a Mac kid, but it's probably going to be one of the Dlineman either from Calgary or Regina and I'm hoping it's not the Calgary one. i didn't like his attitude lol

There are a lot of good players some not even on the list. If you want a great Linebacker Carl-Olivier Prime is an awesome linebacker and Special Team demon. If you want a receiver there's Tolu Akniwume who has been converted to a Safety at Rice who is a natural receiver 6,1 220 pounds. If the NFL does not pickup Sewell has a prospect interior linesman that would be a great choice IMO. My favourite player has been Lokombo but he will spend at least 3 maybe more in the NFL. Gaydosh is a little short and Stephan a little soft IMO to become top notch interior tackles.

A "little short"? The Dinos listed him at 6' 4" ... I don't see where his height will prevent him from becoming a blue chip non-import DT as long as he has the necessary skills and talent. Or has he shrunk lately?

I was under the impression he was 6'1... Maybe I am mistaken. Don't get me wrong he's a great prospect. Just pointing out that with the first pick there are great prospects at just about every position if the Tiger-Cats decide to draft based on need...

I'm thinking we have to select a offensive lineman with our pick.. We have one of the top defensive lineman in the CIS from last season in Arnaud Gascon-Nadon and the best linebacker in the CIS in Frédéric Plesius if they don't get a shot in the NFL(which they might).

I say we have to use our pick on an offensive lineman that will be here right away. We cannot afford to use that pick on a "future" star rather than picking a kid that will help out right away. Also we can NOT draft another Rottier, we need to be asking these kids questions about their desire to play closer to home..

The trouble with picking a player from out west or Quebec is that they get homesick and want to return to their home area. If it comes down to two players of equal ability, someone from Ontario or somewhere else in Canada, pick the kid from Ontario.

How can you go wrong with Sewell ??? (assuming he's not NFL FA pick). If things work out you have an offensive tackle for 12 years, worst case you have a guard for up to 15... Hamilton needs Oline talent.

Because that's worked out so well in the case of Andy Fantuz? :wink:

Canadians play away from their home province all the time.

But it should be part of a team's homework and scoring of prospects.

How many Canadians have we lost to other teams after the player plays out their option so they can return to a team near where they grew up? How many players have returned to Hamilton after playing somewhere else. Yes, Fantuz is an example that follows the rule. Sandro deAngelis, Simon Rottier, shall we go on?

Maybe the Ti-Cats in their selection of the 2013 Canadian Draft should look at Maxime Boutin running back at Laval or a non-import punter/kicker in Francois Herbert of Laval the player is from France and has an excellent kicking leg with long range field goal accuracy. Once again one player who can replace two as a Kicker/Punter and considered a non-import like bringing in an American player?

Boutin is not draft eligible and Laval's kicker is Boris Bede who is a non import.

Left tackle, Matt Sewell 6'8" 340 of the McMaster Marauders. If the Cats draft for need, then Oline is the spot to work on this year. An all Canadian line would give us so many more ratio options. If you assume that Petrus and Rockhill will sign, the Cats will also have Cody Husband,Pascal Baillargeon,Jason Medeiros. Free agents Peter Dyakowski and Marwan Hage are must signings. Another interesting draft pick might be Brander Craighead LT 6'6" 280 Texas El Paso. I saw him play earlier in the year and he seemed effective. I almost forgot Tim O'Neill who can play guard or centre. Mike Filer and Seamus Postuma are young guys from the practice roster.
Last year's draft stressed the defence: Courtney Stephen DB Northern Illinois, Fred Plesius LB Laval , Arnaud Gascon- Nadon DE Laval , Mike Atkinson DT Boise State , Darron Palmer RB/SB Simon Fraser , Simon Charbonneau- Campeau WR Sherbrooke. Of course, Campeau played for us last year but the others, plus Rockhill will hopefully be at camp this year. I can't see us drafting defensive tackles unless Austin wants someone to compete with Atkinson who hurt his knee this year. IMO,Eddie Steele is not the answer for that position. :smiley:

Pat Lynch(the old guy)

Without seeing a SINGLE one of the prospects play live logic suggests Left tackle, Matt Sewell 6'8" 340 of the McMaster Marauders should be the 1st pick in the 2013 CFL draft.
Cats play 3 imports at LB and potentially have their 1st choice from from last year Frederick Plesius from Laval coming to camp this spring. That would make selecting the #1 rated prospect in this years draft who is also a LB a little redundant.

You can never have enough Canadian talent on the O-Line and local product 6'8" Sewell seems like a NATURAL selection for The Cats as the 2013 1st overall selection this year!
He will look damn good in Black and Gold for 10 seasons!!!.

Dave Stala?

Anyways, I don't see the Cat's drafting another D.Lineman. We are getting two top D.Lineman from Laval this year from my understanding, so I don't see them running a line almost entirely out of young guys. Matt Sewell would be my pick, he's local, he's a top prospect the only risk is that he might make the NFL. See how he does out of E-camp and go from there.

Then later in the draft, snag some DBs as this is where improvement is needed and maybe trade away a pick for a veteran D-Lineman.

Didn't know Poland has a CFL team.

linden Gaydosh of the Dinos is the most CFL ready and will be in the Cats camp. Will be able to be part of the Dline rotation at DT right away similar to Jabar westerman in BC this season. They have a slew of 2012 draft picks who wnet back to university in the CIS and Ncaa all on defense so a nice young crop of defensive Canadians to stock the stable. some may take an NFL shot others will be able to make an immediate impack