The Hamilton Ticats QB

I think the Ticats should make a trade for Taylor Cornelius of the Edmonton Elks or Bo Levi Mitchell of the Stampeders. I believe Tre Ford will be the Elks #1 and Jake Maier will be the #1 for the Stampeders. Ticats desperately needing a good QB. Dane Evans and the rest of the Ticats QBs are not going to get the job done. They will be eliminated from the playoff if they don't bother address this QB issue! Even Redblacks are doing better. Orlondo doesn't want to admitted but they were wrong keeping Dane Evans and appointed him #1, He should be #2 QB.

To me Bo Levi Mitchell looks like he’s done as a viable starting quarterback. He hasn’t played that well since the injuries have started to pile up over the last few years. Shows the odd flash but throws a lot of picks and lost his starting job to Maier. As far as I know he’ll be a free agent next year but may just choose to retire since Calgary will probably offer up big bucks to Maier. I don’t think BLM would be happy to go somewhere as a backup for backup money. But some team may offer him a starter’s job based on his past success - and that could very well be any of the 4 eastern teams.

Taylor Cornelius still looks pretty inconsistent to me. Some weeks I think he’s ready to turn a corner and other weeks he just seems to revert back to being inaccurate. Haven’t seen anything that shows me he’s the answer, certainly not to take a chance on as an undisputed starter.

Evans has struggled to be sure this year but I don’t think we should write him off. We’ve seen what he can do with a decent team around him. To me he’s trying to do too much, has some injuries and spent the first few weeks of the season running for his life which shook his confidence. More likely that offensive coaching changes are in store for 2023 and the the team goes after some new receivers in free agency.


#2 QB, long as it is somewhere else. Certainly not with Hamilton. He has proven to be a very expensive liability. Acquiring BLM would be at least as big a blunder.

What the Ticats need to do is solidify the O Line.

The reason why Dane Evans has coughed up the ball so many times this year and had happy feet/gotten injured is that our O Line has been inconsistent since week 1. The same thing happened to Collaros and Masoli in Hamilton!

Part of that was injuries, and part of that was we had some new blockers who needed time to gel with the unit. But we also lacked quality depth there, and that showed big time.

Cornelius and Bo Levi are not the answer here. Fix the O Line, (bring in NFL cuts, use our high draft pick next year to select a replacement for “I spend 14 games each year injured” Van Zeyl) and then see Dane Evans do his thing. If he has time, Evans will light it up.

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"They will be eliminated from the playoffs?"
R u kidding?
They won't even make the playoffs.

Look what Calgary did to Edmonton.
Can the Cats pull that off?

Not a chance in hell, with this sorry lot.
They had all year to fix their problems, which is stay in the game in the 2nd-half.
They couldn't do it, and they still can't.

I dread the game against Winnipeg.
They will get slaughtered.

We promise to stop the slaughter the moment you guys agree to pay for pizza and beers. Zack wants extra pepperoni and cheese. Biggie prefers vegan. Don't ask what our defensive line wants... they eat QB's for lunch.

I think we’re good going into next season with Evans and Shiltz. We need a couple of decent receivers and a new OC.


In other words "We are starting a new 5 year plan" Fix this,Fix that, Fix everything.
One Collaros type QB (the type that can throw a accurate ball as he is running) is
all you need. Evans is not that and will never be that. He is a good drop back QB
with a superior O-line. Find a Collaros type QB and you don't need to spend years
putting together a superior O-line.


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Maybe if he is still capable.

Maybe they'll bring in one of the QBs on their neg. list . They need a 3rd QB behind Newman and Morton . Evans looked like he has issues with his pectoral muscle . Our kicker looks good in comparison to some of the NFL kickers I saw today . The Redblacks and the Argos kicking also struggled this weekend .

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I really think Morton is a right off. You must as well bring in two QB's and cut Morton
it won't make a difference.