The Hamilton TiCats and ruining all-star players

Casey Printers, Avon Cobourne, Kenton Keith, Cory Holmes, and now Stevie Baggs. What is it with the Hamilton TiCats signing these players to big contracts, having them come to Hamilton, underperform, then be released?

My guess is Andy Fantuz is next on that list.

Casey Printers was never that good.

Running backs are easily replaced by cheaper young talent, although I'm a bit surprised about Cobourne.

5 years ago, during the Katz era, Hamilton was very good at bringing in big name weapon players (Keith, Holmes, Brazzell, etc) they had like 3 star RBs and 7 star receivers on the roster, couldn't possibly put them all on the field at the same time, and completely neglected the line of scrimmage and secondary. The worst possible way to build a football team.

But now they are solid all around with tons of young talent. O'Bie knows what he's doing.

As for Baggs, maybe I'm reading to deep between the lines but it smells like he rubbed Cortez the wrong way. If it was a salary move it would have been done between December and February, or just before camp.

Don’t forget:

Josh Ranek
Jason Maas
Khari Jones

We'll get to the promised land shortly, don't worry. :wink:

In an 8 team leauge I should hope so.

Milt Stegall never won a Grey Cup and played what 13 seasons I think.

you can almost make an all-star team with the players who've had their careers ruined in Hamilton.

...Milt never played for the cats :lol: .....The revolving door policy should be coming to an end in the hammer, with what looks like a more stable environment///Guess we'll have to wait on that one though :roll:

Don't forget Arland Bruce, the supposed cancer and washed-up receiver who helped power the Lions to a Grey Cup after Hamilton traded him for a bag of footballs.

terry vaughn, sandro deangilis, tony miles, jason armstead…

Maas was more or less at the end of his career by that point.

They go after a lot of over the hill, over-rated players. Generally the only reason why other teams allow their players to walk is because a) they dont think theyre very good or b) feel they can replace them with cheaper, younger talent

Hamilton seems to take other teams sloppy seconds. None of the players listed have been missed by their former team and I'n pretty confident in saying Saskatchewan will not miss Andy Fantuz.

He had years left in him after he left Hamilton.

Interesting! I'd love to see that roster! Maybe a 'Cat fan can put one together, with an ex-player for every position?

And how many of these so called “ruined” players, has other teams signed when they were released by the Cats? and for how long??

Let's look at the latest example. Arland Bruce.

someone is generalizing.

Printers was not that good, yes.

Keith was an overrated running back, selfish and a dressing room problem.

Holmes just didn't fit into their system. it was nobody's fault.

Cobourne was just too old. has nothing to do with the system.

He was traded, and Hamilton had nothing to do with "ruining him" he went on to have a great season with BC, irrelevant to this topic

How about Dan Goodspeed. He was traded there after a bonus was paid and then released the next season because they would have had to pay the bonus themselves.

So all teams are guilty of ruining players..... if not paying bonus is a criteria