The 'Hamilton City Council Votes For West Harbour' Thread

They voted WH, now vote them out. I was on vaction in the states, and one thing i noticed is that their stadiums are built off interstates. This will be a huge mistake, as they start cleaning it up and realize we're going to need millons more over the cost for the clean up.

the mayor and council are a bun of idiots!

I have heard of a den of idiots, but a bun of idiots????

bunch! :stuck_out_tongue:

so i guess BY is moving the ticats so go argos?


I've stayed away from posting but please folks, we need to be realistic this evening. With the revelation that the lands at the East Mountain would be too costly to make the East Mountain sustainable (as the TiCats were hoping it would be), and with the Tiger-Cats pulling out of the Pan Am negotiations - what else could City Council have done tonight?

They simply had no choice but to vote for the West Harbour and now reach out to the TiCats.

My gut is that they will hammer out a deal. I know that most believe it is not "posturing" that the Cats are threatening to leave, but again, let's be realistic. Please see my points below:

-The Cats want Highway exposure - if they move to Quebec or Moncton, or even Ottawa, they won't have highway exposure.

-The Cats have an opportunity to move into a beautiful stadium at the West Harbour - they won't get anything near this type of facility in Quebec or Moncton either. They'll end up with a renovated Canadian University Stadium.

-The Cats want greater revenue streams with private boxes, advertising, etc - the new stadium will provide many private boxes and much great revenue streams than Ivor Wynne did. - again they won't have these boxes in Quebec or Moncton, unless they renovate. This will be no different than renovating Ivor Wynne. Their best choice and only choice is a new stadium.

They claim they will lose 7 Million per season - how can that be? If they are losing approx 3 million per season at Ivor Wynne since Young took over, how in the world will they lose 7 million with the above opportunities that a brand new stadium will offer?

The only other alternatives I see is are: 1. A quick 180 degree turn and the city agreeing to Confederation Park; or 2. A stadium in Aldershot beside the Go Station - both options will provide all of my points above and will give the TiCats one more thing - the highway exposure they want (which the harbour will not)....

But to my original point, we have to be realistic - there likely is not enough time to open either of the latter options (Confederation Park or Burlington)....the only solution is for the City and the Tiger-Cats to hammer our a West Harbour deal. Hopefully parking, concessions, etc can come the 'Cats way. Maybe the city can help find the major stadium "naming" sponsor.

In the end, I'm confident the team will stay as the WH is now their best option - including moving to another location.

I am a season ticket holder and avid TiCats fan. I've missed maybe 3 games in 30 years - one for my wedding. So it makes me very sad how this has all played out. I am very hopeful that something can be worked out.

Honestly, at this point I would like to see Bob pursue one of three options. Either open the team to public ownership and shares and setup a team corporation to raise funds for the team, sell it to another owner or say "Look the only way I can make this site work, is if I get x season tickets bought before the end of next year. I need to see how many fans I could possibly draw."

Also publicly release every single figure and kickback the city is offering the Cats, which frankly we all agree, we wouldn't mind see happening. I want to see the city make honest overtures to the Cats and I want Young to understand that kickbacks from the city are reasonable for a team to accept towards it's fiscal viability. There is no reason to not at least try to make the site work, and I am sure you will see an outpouring of support from the fans if Bob and the city if he says "I need help". I'd be the first one to double my season ticket count.

One thing I will also say, if you watched this debate, you would have seen that several independent bodies, the IBI group and McCormick & Rankin made solid points for and against both sites, as did the city's financial officer, who outright said "It's not my job to determine the city's or the Cat's needs. It's my job to present the finances of each site". The conclusion was the East Mountain is simply not financially viable at this point for the city, even with the 15 million the cats put on the table. It was well vetted and well documented by council as well.

The other thing, which I think the community really spoke out was just how much of the community wants nothing to do with the stadium at all, especially if we don't have the Cats which is an reasonable position to have, given Code Red and the state of the North End. We'll see what the host co says now.

Snooki from Jersey Shore was mad because no decision was made. She wants the council to stay until they come to a “Solution”…

Snooki released the following 30 minutes ago…

“For now, hang out with the whole group and let’s just go wild like let’s just blow it out of the water.”

Good for her… I am glad someone had the courage to say it!!!

well BY should be giving a press release very soon so lets hope that will open his mind more than his letter did to the public. as for most statements on here, they are mostly assumptions and nothing can be really said until bob tells us. i wouldnt like to see the cats move but i dont think WH is a suitable place for them.

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then look at all his "sites" and ask yourself if we are not reliving the days of the John Ericsson (the second last whaleback freighter on the great lakes) at Confederation Park ? Remember that folly..?

If the Cats won't play at WH, doesn't that mean that there will be no "legacy tenant" which means that there will be no federal or provincial money which means there will be no stadium? Am I wrong on this? Wasn't this vote basically meaningless?

The troglodytes have voted. Bob, I dont blame you for not wanting to deal with this bunch of ward heelers.
If you need help loading the trucks, just give me a call.

I've never been to Confederation Park, but given that it has 'Park' in its name I can only assume its green space. I think that should automatically take it off the list. Green space should never be used.

It's too bad they don't want to turn waterfront into a park which can be used on a daily basis.. rather then a stadium used rarely. Hamilton needs to shake the 'steel' town image, and bring in bike lanes, more parks, etc.

They are trying, another project the city has planned

That's awesome.

Ian Troop, the CEO of Toronto 2015, sent an e-mail to a Hamilton city councilor on Monday night clarifying that issue. Toronto 2015 has provided the National Post with text from the e-mail:

[i]My best answer to your question gets back to the Venue Principle of “sustaining legacy?.

With the Tiger-cats out of the planning picture, whatever the recommendation coming out of council still needs to deal with the Legacy principle.

The central questions we are using to understand Legacy are:

  1. What are the community sport uses?

  2. What are the high performance sport uses? And

  3. What is the business plan (which defines the revenue from tenants and cost to operate) which supports the viability of the facility for the facility owners.[/i]

Read more: ... z0wGaPCyMm

I think the WH site fails on numbers 2 and 3.

Thank goodness the City Council found a pair and voted for the West Harbour site. Now, with the will of our ELECTED representatives made clear, perhaps Bob Young will relent, come to the table, and hammer out a deal with the ELECTED City Council, and build a future here in Hamilton, where both the corporate interests and the public good can coexist to the benefit of all. The City needs to engage the Tiger-Cats once more, and Bob & Co. need to see how they can fit into the will of the people. This is a classic win-win. No B. S., no corporate bullying, only the will of the people as expressed by the ELECTED representatives of the people, with an invitation to participate extended, freely and cleanly, to the corporate community, for the good of all.

Council didn't "find a pair." They simply showed that they are lapdogs for the mayor. Why should Bob Young relent anymore than he already has? He was the only one in this whole mess who was willing to compromise. He was the only one who took the facilitation process seriously. Council has just shown the rest of Canada that Hamilton is still the joke of the country.

If the city wanted the Tiger-Cats involved, why did the mayor call them "minority partners" and why did he never ask them to be involved from the beginning? What happened today showed that the city didn't doesn't want the Tiger-Cats in Hamilton any longer.

Your post comes off as just another in a long line of anti-capitalist drivel. Making money isn't a bad thing and when a business can't make money in a location, they usually move their operations. Since the city has shown that the Tiger-Cats are just another business, they are acting like any other business.