The Halftime Show - Disgraceful?

Was the presentation of the haltime show as bad in person as it was on TSN? I watched the game on T.V. and thought the package TSN put together to "honour" the Hall of Fame inductees was deplorable!!!

When will the CFL stop shooting itself in the foot with amateurish gameday presentation? These important moments ought to be done with absolute class or not done at all!

P.S. just thought I'd post a mix of old and new for your viewing pleasure. I can dream, can't I?

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Looked OK on the Tiger Vision screen. Couldn't see much on the field,as they were all huddled under umbrellas (except Dunigan, of course, in his true warrior fasion!)

Looked ok to me. The rain certainly didn't help as a lot of the crowd which was sparse to begin with, went home at 1/2 time.

Incidentally, I saw Dunigan under ths stands later. He was just great with the fans speaking to all who wanted to say hi and acknowledging well wishers. A real HOFer in more ways than one.

An Argo fan

I agree. It was horrible on TV. Not a HON candidate!

The film packages for each Hall of Famer were very well done

and they looked great on the Dofasco TigerVision at IWS.

I don't know how they looked on TV.

Too bad it was raining.

The HOFers usually ride around the field
sitting up on the back seat of convertibles
so the crowd can cheer them individually.

I am sure experiencing that one last cheer
up close is always quite a thrill for the HOFers.


The HOFers were honoured all weekend at several events.

As long as the HOFamers were treated allright and the presentation was good at the stadium!

Again, to watch it on TSN was embarrassing! To their credit, however, TSN redeemed themselves with the Dunigan Jersey tribute... should have had the jersies for all HOF inductees!

What was disgraceful was the # of people that headed under the stands to get out from the drizzle before the halftime ceremony. It's not like it was teaming rain out there. The lack of respect people showed for some of the greatest athletes the CFL has ever had was deplorable. I felt ashamed to be a fan as it was one of the greatest moments of these guys careers and it had to happen in front of a nearly empty stadium.

I really hope they will move the HOF game around the league rotating every year. Hamilton just doesn't deserve to host it.



The stadium was empty because it was a cold rainy day, I left before halftime because I was soaked, cold and sore.. Doesn't mean I disrespect the hall of famers. If it was a sunny day I am sure the stadium would be packed with people giving these guys a great standing ovation, Hamilton has some of the best fans in the CFL.

I know I came not expecting it to rain nearly as much as it did, and I couldn't take it anymore, I left early to beat the halftime rush. But if that makes me a bad fan, than I am a bad fan..

The halftime show was not very well produced.
There were gaps in which no one seemed what to do.
The announcer was unsure of when to speak, his dialouge between him and the truck came over the TV feed. The timing was also off on the players and when they showed the video clips.
The timing was off on a number of occasions for the ceremony.
Not one of TSN’s more stellar productions.
In the past CBC did a much better job