@ the half...Cut Jo Jo Walker

He has to go. The worst returner in any league anywhere. Taaffe should give him a bus ticket back to Hamilton after the game.

lol maybe you should get out there and run the ball...

or then again....oops ( nevermind ) your just a fan like me.

Everytime he catches a punt he is either surrounded or against the sideline. Not much he can do IMHO

He hasn’t shown me much this year. Surely someone else can return a punt unlike Jo Jo…

Im sure Breeze wouldnt know that much, maybe if he had a block then we can get some work done.

Im sure you can do better breeze, come on get out there

laughing my ass off, Yeah your right JoJo cant get the job done.

I will call the coach later tonight and have him bring you in for a workout.

Sorry breeze, but I have to disagree with you.

  1. Corey Holmes hasn't been doing any better on kick off returns, which indicates the problem has more to do with the blocking than the guy actually doing the return

  2. JoJo has been one of the toughest receivers we've had this year. He's gone up for some passes, knowing full well he was going to get hit HARD, and he has held onto the ball even while being nailed to a wall by a defender.

Thank you for that!

But Im sure breeze could do much better.

Jo Jo is no Ian Smart...

so ture, jojo is jojo like it or not.

He is back there doing something you will never do in your life time.

What were you sayin? JO JO SCORES A TD! WOOOO


thats the way to go little bro

Jo Jo Walker!!!!! Touchdown!

Breeze...Is a Special Teams expert


Jojo is a fine returner.

way to go!

But dang we still lost.

Ticats stay strong baby.

Well said C. I totally agree. Jojo is a keeper. He really puts himself out there to make the catch.