The " guys " are getting closer.....

No one can say " the team " is not getting better.
A few less 'stupid' calls for negative the Defence.
I really liked the 2 back set on Offence. I hope Taaffe uses that a lot more. But..cut back on that zone defence crap...and pressure with more blitz and stunts.... :thup:

Cut down on the long pass to the flat, first we are playing a QB that can’t throw it and second, it accomplishes nothing

one scarry thing tho...they played another 0-2 team...

as much as i want to believe the cats are getting close....i have to take into consideration, they played an out-of-sync alouette team.

but it was still nice to see the cats and maas play with guts and determination ( minus dumb penalties and ralphs crappy play )

drummer god...
Montreal did not play like a 0 and 2 team..tonight. The great thing is..the Cats..did not ether.

the als didnt play like an 0-2 team because they were playing AGAINST an 0-2 team…they make eachother look good because they are both bad.

I disagree........
The team is getting closer...

i agree
the team is getting closer lol
i hope they win against bc

well see next week.

Hamilton showed some guts and skill tonight. Defence played well in the second half.
Maas played better but still not good enough. Too many dumb ass penalties of course. I think Montreal's still a pretty good team despite their start and a reasonable barometer for the TiCats to gage their improvement.

I hope they can keep it close against BC next week and Chang starts. I have the feeling that Chang's confidence is strong enough to survive some rough starts if that happens. I mean any rookie who tells the coach he wants to start after 2 games is pretty self assured.

Guaranteed the hook will be short for Maas if he starts because BC will roll if we don't match them drive for drive.

Tonight's effort was worthy of a "light at the end of the tunnel" scenario.

Oski Wee Wee,

A little while back we had a team of strangers now Iam seeing a team and talent showing. :smiley:

You really want to see Chang start against BC?!? With our problems, do you think Chang has a chance against BC?

Come on be serious. I would love to say the Cats have improved significantly but you have to look at who they were playing. i doubt the Montreal fans are jumping for joy after beating us. Tonight was another missed opportunity for the Cats to gain real confidence. They lost to the only other winless team. Maas continued to show he cannot move the team (with the exception of one hail mary pass). Taaffe continued to wait too long to pull him. Holmes didn't get the ball enough and either did Lumsden.
BC will be a reminder just how bad we are UNLESS this coaching staff excepts the fact that Maas is either hurt or washed up (take your pick) and gives this team a chance by starting Chang or Williams.

negative waves...tcfan...negative waves.

You really want to see Maas start against BC?!? With our problems, do you think Maas has a chance against BC?

See, it cuts both ways.

Maas is a better backup QB than Chang. I can make that assertion.

Starter? Chang forces rovers and DBs to respect the bomb. The running game can engage on the next level because LBS must also not cheat on their drops because Timmy has the livilier arm.

I posit the Cats can get their running game going a hell of a lot earlier with Chang behind center than Maas. Simply because teams will give Maas the 30-yard-outs for three yards ALL NIGHT LONG because he can't make those throws with enough zip to create separation chances for receivers.

If one understands that this line is a hell of a lot better at run blocking than pass protection right now, the kind of vertical pressure Chang can make will help the line out.

Is Chang more elusive than Maas? What do you think? I simply think the kid can make more from broken plays than Maas. THAT IS CRYSTAL CLEAR TO ME.

Oski Wee Wee,

Well said Oski I agree 100 per cent. Chang from the start and you’ll see a whole different Ticat team. There is a chance for the Cats to make the playoffs if they can start to win a few games. They are only going to win with Chang. He needs the reps and we need him ready for the second half of the season. 5 or ten minutes a game doesn’t cut it.

We are going to get smoked against BC unless they are playing their fourth string QB. Might as well use the game to start Chang and see what happens.