The guy who runs the CFL hall of fame

Just listen to this guy put down the CFL game and he's running the hall,

That wasn't that bad at all. He said he'd prefer the fair catch rule, fair enough, his opinion. He was promoting the idea of a larger field to Americans, and when talking bout the ratio, he was pretty much just listing facts. He wasn't trashing the game.

Honestly, can you blame him? I went to the HOF back in 2008, and the place badly needs funds to fix it up because it's a dump! Nothing worked, stuff was broken, it was a nightmare. The only good thing about, apart from the cool head molds of the HOF players, it was the shop that was there.

There needs to be a donation drive or something to fix the place, because it could be so much better, and be a great CFL landmark, not a scar on it's face.

Yah. A little self deprecating humour was all i got from the video. He has his preferences and they're debatable, but nothing too bad there. I agree, the Federal, Provincial, Municipal, Civic, the League, and all the teams should pitch in some money to fix it up. I haven't been to Hamilton in a decade (at least), but it was not in good shape then. I doubt it is much better now.

Let's hope the Hall gets renovated, then given a new permanent home in Hamilton's new stadium.

Great idea! :thup:

I suggest you email the stadium designs of 2015 Toronto pan-am games with that one. :wink:

I'll second (or third) that. The HOF is an absolute embarrassment as it stands currently. As a museum, there must be ways to get a government grant, not to mention the great idea of getting private donations aswell.

Does anybody know how long this guy has been running the CFL hall of fame? I heard they made some changes recently.

The permanent home should be in Hamilton's new stadium (great idea btw), but there needs to be a travelling exhibit that spends a season at every CFL city for season on a rotating basis. At the very least there should be a strong on-line HOF presence on social media sites.

Not sure how to pay for that however. Maybe a portion of the advertising and TV contracts?

I can tell you as someone who has done some work with the Hall, it really needs more money, its a small group of very dedicated employees (3 of them) and a bunch of volunteers without alot of money. Its new home at the new stadium should be a huge boost