The guy climbing the goal posts

Did you see that tonight. I have been going to games for decades - but never seen that.
I heard some idiots screaming he was interfering with the game, but really, that was amazing watching him climb up the posts.

He was interfering with the game but it was funny, I suppose. When he was trying to rip the flag down, I was sure he was going to fall. I thought we were going to have a tragedy at our game. I was nervous for him the way he was swaying on the post.

There's a first time for everything though, right?

Honestly, the only concern I had while it was happening was: "is if this idiot ends up falling and killing himself, the remainder of the game is going to be cancelled"

When they finnally got him down, the poice and security were far to gentle with him...



How about his fat friend who wanted to try. The moron would have shaken his buddy right off the post. I couldn't believe what I was seeing, and that tightrope act was cool at the end. Got to admit he was good

The tight rope act was incredible. Where did those guys come from? Did anyone see?

Well, get out a mop, cover him with a sheet, make a proper chalk outline, and we're good to go. LMAO

ZAMPERIN (TO SAL): Third and goal...the Cats may try "student body right", what do you think, Sal?

SAL: I think it might be Dead Gut Counter Trey... :wink:

Oski Old School,


I saw a cop bringing the tickets to the guys after the game. What kind of fine is it for trespassing?

Probably a "you are banned for life asshole" ticket.. good for them, we don't need morons like this at our games!!

and really no part of it was funny or spectacular!

It was great to see. Have a fun time an relax. Oh yeah - our last playoff game was in 2001..............

This is the start of our new team. We got the convert blocked last week. Let's face it -we sit around year after year hoping for a playoff game, let alone a playoff victory. This goal post incident has set us on a new direction - no more home losses and all the way to the playoffs!

It was great to see?? really?

Was it your brother or a relative???

Seriously is was a moronic boneheaded dumbass thing to do, that probably got their drunk asses banned for life at Ticat games... was it worth it???

But enoy, and relax, a playoff game is coming.... OH and they/him WON'T be there to see it!!

Not my relatives. Just glad to see something that broke the jinx of this curesed team. Time will tell you nay-sayers...........

Pretty low expectations eh?

it was easy to hear what the majority for the fans thought with the cheering. i was loving it, nicely done

I noticed TSN neglected to include it in the highlights at

If the bonehead gets hurt doing a bonehead thing, well that's life. As it was, the vast, vast, vast majority of the fans cheered it on. So whatever, who cares guys, they'll take their punishment for providing us with some inapprorpirate entertainment. I'm glad they didn't hurt themselves.

So does it make it right and ok that the "vast vast vast" majority as you claim cheered it on, or is it ant less idiotic for that very reason?

$90 for provincial property, under the Trespass Act. That all the experiance I have... got tossed out of a Provincial Park once. :rockin:

The fine I believe is up to (or automatic) $5000, they announce it every time one of these attention whores get on the field.
As for being entertaining, if the tool fell and broke his neck the team would have been facing a lawsuit and the way awards are handed out nowadays it would have been enough to cover the teams saleries for a few years. Nothing like a 20 million settlement to help strengthen a franchise.

He was, when your team is in control of the game you don't do something stupid to cool them down and let the opposition regroup and game plan.
Hopefully the cops stuck a tazer in his mouth and let him use the fountain on the way out.