The Grey Cup

I just orderd 7 GC tickets and I was wondering who else here is going… cant wait… who do u think BC will play?..

The Vancouver Canucks in a game of pond hockey, becouse the Eskimos will be playing for the Cup

Good luck with that Blazer. I’m sure the game will be entertaining no matter who is playing.

The Lions will be playing the TiCats, the class of the East, and the class of the CFL - next Grey Cup champs :lol:

Well Id Gladly Go To The Grey Cup. I just Cant get all the way out to BC. I Live in Ontario. Otherwise I would go. As much as i hate to say this I dont see the ti-cats making the grey cup this year. We wont make it there again until we get a newer younger QB.

I can see the Als making it to the big game. Then it would be a piece of cake for the western contender because the Als are unable to win at BC Place.

Unlike Hamilton, whose last two Grey Cup championships were at the western dome.

Every one has to go through the 2004 champs.

I wish I could go.

the 2004 champs were just hot at the right time… im lookin forward to them being cold all year… GO LIOS

I will be there. 5th in a row and counting. favorite weekend all year. IUts basically just like this forumn, but add a lot of alchohol, and a few more females. you stanbd and drink and talk trash about everyone elses team, even though your team is not in the cup either. Good thing the Riders are gonna be there this year though.
Go Riders go

Yeah we were hot at the right time, because we play well when it matters. Look for another so-so season from the Argos, but another killer playoffs from the double blue.


Yep Ordered my tickets last friday night. Will be sitting in the end zone (dark orange) Can’t wait. This will be my 3rd Grey Cup.