The Grey Cup-Who Will be Favored and By How Much?

I'm not a gambler, but for the people that on occasion place a small wager on such sporting events, who will be favored in the Grey Cup Game, and by how much? My guess is the evil empire will be a slight favorite, maybe by a field goal. I'm asking because I'll finally get to see a CFL game for the first time since the first week in September because my cable company has decided to put the Grey Cup game on. They did have one game a week on, on Sunday afternoon (rebroadcast from Saturday night) for July and August, and the first week of September, but when the NFL began on September 11, 2005, they took off the CFL. I'm a lifelong NFL fan, but I really do enjoy the CFL, so why couldn't they have put the weekly CFL game on at another time, instead of taking it off entirely. This is why I can't comment on games that are being played because how can I say something about a game I didn't see.

I think that the Eskimos will be favoured, but I have no idea by how much.

I recall before the season even started, Las Vegas had 5-2 odds that Esks would win the cup, and 3-1 odds it would be Montreal. Or something like that - but Edmonton was favored to win it all, followed by Montreal.


It's creepy how accurate those bookies can get sometimes.



Hahaahahaha :stuck_out_tongue: Edmonton by 8? That's funny.

Edmonton beat a team who had lost 6 of their 7 last meetings and that was lead by a QB who hadn't played for a month and a half because of a concussion and another injury.

On the other end, Montreal just beat the Argos, no. 1 defence in the league with a very dangerous offense (everyone voting for Allen for MVP).

Montreal by 3 should be the line. :x

BTW, that QB dance in Edmonton is getting quite weird. :wink:

Sorry, but I think the oddsmakers will look at Edmonton, now 13-7, and the Als, now 12-8, and will favour the Eskimos by about 2 1/2.

May not make much sense, but why did they pick Toronto and B.C. last week? Toronto, I can see, but the Lions, who had lost 6 of their last 7? Come on!

Montreal by 3, it will be very close

Folks, this is not complicated.

The odds came out about 4 hours ago.

The game is a "pick 'em" - that is, no one is favored.

The over/under for the Grey Cup game is 55 1/2.

No one is favored, and no one SHOULD be favored.....although I know who's going to win, and by 4 or 6 points.

I'll let you know Saturday, because I'm getting my money in first, and right now!

who are you picking Elmer... Grandgalop?

I'm picking Montreal.

Going on all cylinders right now, all aspects of the game.

The defence is mean, Calvillo is sharp, good running game, top-notch receivers, and a very smart coach.

I think the quarterback controversy (there is one, no doubt about it) will do Edmonton in.

Close game, high-scoring.

Final Score: Montreal 33, Edmonton 28 - give or take a few points.

So who's this guy "Elmer"????

Does he post here?

good on ya!, Grandgalop!

you know what I mean by Elmer.

you're the best PEI Islander the forum has ever had.

how was the WCBL?

I'll say that the line is Esks by 2

But I think Eskimos by 7 or 8.

The line today has moved a little.

It's now Eskimos by 1 point - over/under is still 55 1/2.

Stay tuned, it'll move again, as the money comes'll never reach 3, though.

I'm thinking of putting some money on the Eskimos, just because I never win money bets ! :stuck_out_tongue: