The Grey Cup Overseas

I just wanted to share a very cool pic of a few CFL fans that were some kind of happy to get a little taste of home.
Good on the Hall and the league for making this happen.
The man in the middle is Mark Denobile, director of the Hall of Fame and son of Ticat Geno Denobile.

The Grey Cup in Khandahar.

Pic deleted.

Some guys not stationed in Khandahar wanted to see a pic of the Cup over there, I thought it might be the one thread that didn't become part of the overall depressing BS that's jumped it's way into every thread going.
Yes, it just should have been emailed but I wanted to share it here also.
Jumping this thread is way more of a piss-off than anything I've ever seen here, and get help if you think this was an appropriate place to spew your crap.


I hope you have something more original to post as your last 10 seem to be exactly the same.

Because everything is about the Cats.

Why would you fuck up a thread that was only intended to share a pic with your whiny stuff.
Like there isn't enough here for you to go whine on.

Im so sick of the likes of you crying all day every day about anything you can think of to snivel about.
It's a picture of some guys that would damn well love to have your seat, assuming with all the tears your dropping it'll be empty.

Thanks, canucklehead for posting the picture. Unfortunately, some people just love to beat a dead horse and have no other opinions for personal satisfaction other than to bash the Cats.