The Grey Cup only weighs about 30 pounds...

But it will take the strength of the entire team to lift it.

Awaken and arise or be forever fallen.

Oskee Wee Wee!!!!!!

nice post, totally agree

A very eloquent homage to the early part of and start of this season.

As Drew brought up this is the third year in a row the team has laid an egg in the season opener. Enough of the slow starts and anaemic offence.

The time is now!@#

The message is an important one.

I hope the locker room is feeling the same way. All we accomplish we will accomplish together, and our failures too will be shared.

30 pounds is a heavy load we can never lift, unless we all lift together.

While the thought may be "heavy," I don't believe The Cup is. I don't think it weighs even half that. Makes a good trivia question. Wouldn't it be nice if it was in "our" possession and we could just take it off the shelf and weigh it!

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4.5 kilograms, apparently, or about 10 pounds.

Ah PiCat, my mathemaTiCle friend. Thank you.

I tried to find out precisely what if weighed but couldnt. So I guessed.

I suppose it doesn't matter how much if weighs. 10 pounds might as well be 1000 unless we all work together.

I hope every man in that dressing room looks at the guy next to him and wants to win for him. I hope he wants to win it for me. I wanna see if that Cup feels like 10 pounds. Right now it looks alot heavier.

Yeah I had the chance to hold onto the cup on a few occasions. Its easily held by the neck with one hand. Not heavy at all.

10lbs for the cup, add another 10lbs for the beer inside it... lol

(speaking from experience...)