The Grey Cup is Hidious

The Chive posted a series of photos of 12 hidious trophies and the Grey Cup was one.

They also called it a knock off of the Conn Smyth Trophy.

See picture 8

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The morons don't know it doesn't look anything like the Conn Smythe Trophy, they must have meant the Stanley Cup. And I do think it is a ripoff of the Stanley Cup and I have never liked it. I preferred the old GC.

wasn't the Grey Cup Trophy early 1900's and the Conn Smyth 1960ish? What idiot wrote about something he knows f all about

I wouldn't care if it were and old rag, its what it means to us

It's still nicer than the Vince Lombardi, Larry O'Brian and World Series trophies IMO.

Anyone that one can drink out of trumps those that don't

I LOVE the CFL but, TBH, I always thought the Grey Cup looked cheap and ugly. I just never had the courage to say it. Oh well, it's out there and I can't take it back. :wink:

My question is who or WTF is Chive?

Conn Smyth trophy looks nothing like the Grey Cup. Conn Smyth was not designed until the 1940's, Grey Cup 1909.

As for looking like the Stanley Cup, the Grey Cup was originally going to be donated to what is now the Allan Cup.

As for design, its over 100 years old.

I like it, almost every championship for Canadian sports is called a Cup. If you can't drink out of it while celebrating, is it really worth winning????

Grey Cup. This is the best looking trophy in North America.

Have you seen the World Series Trophy ? Most ridiculous trophy ever.

America's past time and that is the best they could do.

The Conn Smythe Trophy was established in 1964 and it's design is based on the design of Maple Leaf Gardens.

And it looks like this...

...which of course looks nothing like the Grey Cup...

So Chive, you're officially morons...

The current Grey Cup is actually the 2nd Cup. The original Cup was mail-ordered from an silversmith in England but when it arrived it looked more like a round fruit bowl. It wasn't considered grand enough for a championship trophy, so another more expensive Cup was ordered, this time with handles on the sides. It didn't arrive until 1910. Over the years layers were added on the bottom to accommodate all the players names, making the Grey Cup a bit bulbous. The original "fruit bowl" Grey Cup is still on display at a railroad museum in Manitoba. There was a big story about the original Grey Cup trophy in 2012 to commemorate the 100th Grey Cup.

Yup, the designer of the Grey Cup took a time machine voyage 50-60 years into the future, took photos of the Conn Smythe, went back into his own time and designed the Grey Cup based on his photos... :roll:

But seriously, what about the Stanley Cup? The Stanley Cup looks awful! It looks like a tampon with a salad bowl on top! :thdn:

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :thup: :thup: :thup: :thup:

Lol didn’t even read the article and I know it is a joke…they compared it to the Conn Smythe Trophy? Please do some research for the love of god, this is everything that is wrong with online articles that are written in under and hour with little to no research or editing. Click bait all day.

The most hideous looking trophy I can think of is that thing the NBA plays for. The first time I saw it I thought it was about something being thrown into a waste paper basket.
The Grey Cup has nice lines for an old trophy although I have never been fussy about the bigger base that was added some years back. I like the looks of the Super Bowl trophy as well.

To me the World Cup soccer trophy is the ugliest but it does have history and is different. Yeah, i don't like the base of the "new" GC either, looks like it was trying to copy the Stanley Cup. The Super Bowl kinda reminds me of the half maple leaf Canada Cup, I realize they don't look alike.

I love the Grey Cup, as well as the Stanley Cup, they are the best trophies in my personal opinion.

This has got to be top 3 at the very least, what the hell is that thing? Looks like something my mom would collect and put on the mantle with flowers inside.

The Lombardi trophy is nothing more than a football nailed to a two by four. Ugly and boring.

I don't think any sport though has a better collection of trophies than the early NHL