The GREY CUP , is almost sold out = 2007 GREY CUP link!

Less than 10,000 tickets remain for the 2007 GREY CUP in Toronto.All of this only after one day of sales to the public. :thup:

They even haven't announced the entertainment yet and we don't know who will be playing in this game. :thup:

The entertainment press conference was delayed because that huge winter storm but the ARGOS and The FAN both say that the entertainment will blow people's socks off. :thup:

HERE IS A LINK to the 2007 GREY CUP site :

Check it every day next week for more awesome news that is coming very soon!

WOW , I have been checking and even with out a major press conference announcing the entertainment , tickets are still going real fast.

There are some double cheap seats left [$94] in the 522 Section , but the rest of the cheap seats are gone except for some singles.

I used ticket master yesterday and just by testing got 4 in 113 section :S

Section 113 is in the 100 level GOLD section [$327.54] and they are not the cheap seats. :thup:

They are now at section 134B in the GOLD , 100 level section. Section 113 is now gone , unless they are rotating the sales from each side of the stadium in the 100 level , but I dought it. :thup:

What is now left is : :cowboy:

[$94] tickets are all gone in section 500 except for some singles in section 521 and else where.

For the $179 tickets in the 500 level they are now at section 515 with only 2 other smaller sections to sell plus half of section 515 , to sell out the whole 500 level :thup:

For the South end zone [$250+] they are more than half way sold and are at section 120. :thup:

In the GOLD , 100 level section [$327] they are now selling at section 134B with only 4 smaller sections left , to sell , there. :thup:

The 200 level section [$560] they are at the 238 section which is way more than 2 / 3rds away from selling out. :thup:

I would now say that there are less than 5,000 seats left to sell for a complete sell out of the R.C. :thup: :rockin: :cowboy:

They could also add the seats in the North end zone. :thup: